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Noun1.self-mortification - voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing
penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment - the act of punishing
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"Your sister is given to self-mortification, is she not?" he continued, turning to Celia, who sat at his right hand.
"If that were true, Celia, my giving-up would be self-indulgence, not self-mortification. But there may be good reasons for choosing not to do what is very agreeable," said Dorothea.
Dashwood to stay longer; but, as if he were bent only on self-mortification, he seemed resolved to be gone when his enjoyment among his friends was at the height.
For example, she not only determined to work at plain sewing, that she might contribute something toward the fund in the tin box, but she went, in the first instance, in her zeal of self-mortification, to ask for it at a linen shop in St.
In fact, in ancient faiths and creeds, the objects of fasting were very limited, the intention generally being self-mortification, asceticism, or the satisfaction of some of some superstitious urge.
After Ash Wednesday, every Friday, the Catholics continue to observe their religious practice of self-mortification by fasting and abstinence.
He would test his self-discipline by punishing himself to self-mortification, and on another occasion by engaging in the Hindu ascetic practice of Tapasya.
Ironically, Bellow's heroes do achieve a kind of self-awareness in Spain, but only after humiliation and an extended self-mortification. In these stories, Bellow reimagines Don Quixote as Jewish American schlemiel.
In Singkawang, this coalesce takes the form of public processions, cleansing rituals, trance, and acts of self-mortification. These occur during two major ceremonies, the first, and by far the most important being Cap Go Meh, which marks the end of the Chinese lunar New Year, and the birthday ceremonies held annually at different times for the city's various local temple deities.
If the going becomes too tough, he may seek solace in Buddha's message: "Neither a life of self- indulgence, nor one of self-mortification can bring happiness.
The Camino de Santiago itself is a spiritual way and a way of self-mortification that engenders physical and spiritual pain while walking for more than a month.