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Motivation of oneself by one's own resolve or interest.

self′-mo′ti·vat′ed adj.


motivated or driven by oneself or one's own desires, without any external agency
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Mbungo is elated that his charges are self-motivated and know what is expected of them during the match this afternoon.
Summary: By recruiting self-motivated individuals, companies can much easily keep their employees motivated.
Summary: Even the most self-aware and self-motivated inside counsel get lulled into set behaviors and hit ceilings.
She discovers that hiding in her family tree is a bankrupt book-binder, a self-motivated corset-maker and someone with a profession a bit closer to home.
In order to be self-motivated, you must be in control of your life.
Thus, Ameriabank gives the third chance to talented and self-motivated persons to start a career with Ameriabank's team under the
Great Opportunity for self-motivated Individual to make more than $100K/yr.
LAHORE -- Member National Assembly (MNA) Pervez Malik has said that the politics of Punjab has no room for self-motivated Manzoor Wattoo and upcoming elections will be day of accountability for entire PPP leadership.
Skills are a crucial issue for the motor industry and it wants to attract enthusiastic and self-motivated young people.
The late King of Pop, who died of acute Propofol intoxication in 2009, was "very self-motivated" and even pinned up signs around his house to urge himself to work harder on the iconic 1987 LP in a bid to outdo his previous effort, which is the best-selling album of all time.
Our banking system is still controlled by the self-motivated people who created our troubles.
* A high-energy, self-motivated, self-started with the ability to develop and establish an efficient, highly productive work force.