Motivation of oneself by one's own resolve or interest.

self′-mo′ti·vat′ed adj.


the initiative to undertake or continue a task without prodding or supervision.
self′-mo′tivated, adj.
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A theory with clinical implications In their paper, the researchers review the evidence suggesting a direct link between inflammation and a lack of motivation, and they also propose a computational method of assessing the impact of chronic, low-grade inflammation on the amount of energy that the brain expends on behaviours driven by self-motivation. Brain study may explain why depression is more common in women Depression seems to be more common among women than men.
OSCE Presence in Albania invites proposals from eligible and qualified contractors to enhance the capacities of the child protection units in Tirana, Durrs, Elbasan, Fier, Vlor, Shkodr and Bulqiza to provide assistance and reintegration to children victims of trafficking and/or exploitation and to address the professionals self-motivation and work related burnout effect
"We need to have the self-motivation to perform every time we step on to the pitch.
"The beauty about hospitality is that if you have the drive, determination and self-motivation anything is achievable," she said.
'I thank my players for their self-motivation and relentless fight till the final minutes.
Many visitors from the public feel the need to find a source of self-motivation. A huge number of people leave Wigge's events highly satisfied and describe the experience as a source for new energy, direction on optimism.
Being a mother did not refrain her from living life fully and today she stands tall with her never to give up attitude and strong sense of self-motivation, giving her the encouragement to showcase her talent on an international platform like the Mrs India worldwide.
The literature suggests that engagement and basic psychological needs satisfaction could be important variables to increase sport practice by understanding the mediating role of self-motivation.
He said lack of self-motivation; focus and giving up quickly were some the factors that led to businesses liquidation.
Additionally, the content and form of the feedback are key in influencing self-motivation (Hendijani, Bischak, Arvai, & Dugar, 2016; Ryan & Deci, 2000b).
Veterans possess many traits that are essential to owning and running a business, including disciple, self-motivation, tenacity, integrity, perseverance and adaptability.
Walkcast topics covering themes including self-motivation, arts and culture, finance as well as daily news briefs.