or self`-op′erative,

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Terry Cook has been hand crafting automatons - self-operating machines - and placing them in black shoeboxes.
The plant produced 478 units of machinery in January-April 2019, including 466 different models of tractors, one MAZ automobile trailer, one KAMAZ automobile, two MAZ buses and five tractor trailers with a self-operating mechanism.
In these situations, EMKA offers a program of cover stays and door stops in a variety of configurations including manually operated locking or self-operating as the panel is opened/closed.
Under the agreement, Mobily will launch a simple network this year in a bid to restructure operating expenses and to be ready for self-operating in the future.
These days, all sorts of robots are part of everyday life (see graph), from self-operating vacuums to machines that prepare food.
Contract notice: Self-operating wood dryer with accessories utilizing and processing wood waste
Each mogul owns an empire of hundreds, but every employee, or chosen contributor such as Boris, is only selected to a formula, for his use to the politics of the emperor, and any tool which does not serve that one purpose within his whole self-operating machine, once established, would be discarded.
SPL is effectively self-operating with a management team with extensive experience in liquefaction and a staff that is benefitting from on-site training by Bechtel and other major equipment vendors.
Synopsis: An automaton is a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.
We thought that we have found a self-operating magic pill instead of a tool-to use wisely and responsibly-to build our country.
(He) should be a phenomenal instrument, not a self-operating robot.
LaGrandeur (English, NYIT) presents a study of pre-modern representations of self-operating machines and artificial life, particularly as they coalesce during the early modern period in the figure of the android.