or self`-op′erative,

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Synopsis: An automaton is a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.
We thought that we have found a self-operating magic pill instead of a tool-to use wisely and responsibly-to build our country.
The self-operating property of the city Frankenberg / Sat intends to remodeling and renovation former with the new extension share Hotel to the Black Ross~ conduct and revive with a mixed-use urban and economic functions.
He) should be a phenomenal instrument, not a self-operating robot.
LaGrandeur (English, NYIT) presents a study of pre-modern representations of self-operating machines and artificial life, particularly as they coalesce during the early modern period in the figure of the android.
Collectively, the company's innovations covered by the new patents enable a new class of self-operating and self-optimising communications network and information technology systems.
The facility is to transport natural gas from the South Sulige cooperation area with France-based Total SA (NYSE: TOT) and from the firm's self-operating areas in the south and west part of Sulige.
Listed benefits include unique zero steady state bleed, said to be a Becker exclusive; operates with low-pressure power gas; high capacity flow and minimum pressure differential; highest rated Cv values among V-Ball designs; easy maintenance; provides a high capacity, self-operating pressure regulator package when combined with Becker VRP pilots; provides precise flow control when combined with Beaker's digital natural gas positioner; and non-clogging operation is ensured by parabolic shaping of the ball's leading edge.
In describing the Rubble Master entry, the contest jury wrote, "The RM70 Compact Recycler is a self-operating recycling system for building waste, with strong crushing power.
Because CRTP relies for its revenue exclusively on the contributions of donors and volunteers, it serves as a self-sustaining and self-operating business model for volunteerism in developing countries.
While current prototypes are remote-controlled, future models will to some extent be self-operating.
Self-operating traffic lights could be placed immediately outside and to my mind the problem would be solved.