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An unduly high opinion of oneself.


opinion of oneself, esp. when unduly high.
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And nobody outside of Chicago is going to make excuses for moments like Sunday -- or signs of fatigue, for that matter -- especially for a team that wears its pride, self-opinion and even at times a target on its T-shirt logo.
The biggest differences in my self-opinion versus others' opinions came in how I treated others.
In other words, the perceived opinion climate does not directly influence individuals' outspokenness; instead, it is the congruency of self-opinion with the perceived climate of opinion that predicts a person's willingness to speak up (Liu & Fahmy, 2011; Willnat, Lee, & Detenber, 2002).
Additionally, Kaimal felt that the findings of increased self-opinion were intriguing.
In the end, what we get is low self-opinion." Today, we are trying to join the EU even if we do it halfheartedly.
Instead, this was a performance laced with the same complacency and inflated self-opinion that sent United spinning out of the Champions League.
If a boss is trying to lower your self-opinion or self-worth, find another boss.
The tragedy is that it's their self-opinion, not the size of their genitals, that hampers their success.