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1. Obstinately insistent upon one's own opinions.
2. Vain; conceited.


or less commonly


1. having an unduly high regard for oneself or one's own opinions
2. clinging stubbornly to one's own opinions


or self`-opin′ioned,

1. having an inordinately high regard for oneself or one's own opinions; conceited.
2. stubborn or obstinate in holding to one's own opinions.
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Adj.1.self-opinionated - obstinate in your opinions
narrow-minded, narrow - lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; "a brilliant but narrow-minded judge"; "narrow opinions"


[ˌselfəˈpɪnjəneɪtɪd] ADJterco


[ˌsɛlfəˈpɪnjəneɪtɪd] adjconvinto/a di avere sempre ragione
References in classic literature ?
Graham, though she said little to any purpose, and appeared somewhat self-opinionated, seemed not incapable of reflection, - though she did not know where she had been all her life, poor thing, for she betrayed a lamentable ignorance on certain points, and had not even the sense to be ashamed of it.
Nothing else would satisfy this self-opinionated cherub.
By CITY GIRL"This woman is headstrong, obstinate, and dangerously self-opinionated.
IS it possible that this recent Brexit outrage, self-opinionated and badtempered, whose view of anyone expressing a belief contrary to their own, is a "traitor", might help us all to recognize the dreadful power of the national Gutter Press and television?
Only then will the common sense of the majority prevail over the self-opinionated views of the tiny minority.
Yes, this is what the nation's most aggressive, self-opinionated "experts" have come to - heaping abuse on doctors and nurses and the parents of a desperately ill child.
When a self-opinionated and blustering teacher was observed teaching a dreadful lesson, the teacher told my colleague that she had 20 years of teaching experience.
Since the people voted to leave, and rocked the establishment, a plethora of disgruntled MPs, business leaders, self-opinionated nobodies, academics, and even sports 'stars' have engaged in double dealing and chicanery to discredit the result and even call for a second referendum while they themselves tour all the TV studios and radio stations to pompously off-load the chips off their shoulders because they lost.
He was the most arrogant and self-opinionated politician I've ever met.
Controversial, brutally outspoken and self-opinionated, he styles himself King of the Gypsies and, in ripping four glittering belts from the iron grip of Wladimir Klitschko, caused one of the biggest upsets since Mike Tyson was bowled over by Buster Douglas.
It was at this stage that the self-opinionated die-hards of Blairism started having fits and worries about the fact that they may lose their control.
Buhari himself continues to attract praise and criticism in equal measure: praise for his discipline, anti-corruption credentials, and uncompromising and dogged determination; criticism for his militaristic approach, which doesn't work in a diverse and self-opinionated country.