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1. Obstinately insistent upon one's own opinions.
2. Vain; conceited.


or less commonly


1. having an unduly high regard for oneself or one's own opinions
2. clinging stubbornly to one's own opinions


or self`-opin′ioned,

1. having an inordinately high regard for oneself or one's own opinions; conceited.
2. stubborn or obstinate in holding to one's own opinions.
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Adj.1.self-opinionated - obstinate in your opinions
narrow-minded, narrow - lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; "a brilliant but narrow-minded judge"; "narrow opinions"


[ˌselfəˈpɪnjəneɪtɪd] ADJterco


[ˌsɛlfəˈpɪnjəneɪtɪd] adjconvinto/a di avere sempre ragione
References in classic literature ?
Graham, though she said little to any purpose, and appeared somewhat self-opinionated, seemed not incapable of reflection, - though she did not know where she had been all her life, poor thing, for she betrayed a lamentable ignorance on certain points, and had not even the sense to be ashamed of it.
Nothing else would satisfy this self-opinionated cherub.
Exciting as it has been to watch those 'modest' politicians who see or saw themselves as the next PM of this country, struggle to convince those less self-opinionated, to support them in this race, what is outstandingly conspicuous, by its absence in all of their banter, is any mention whatsoever regarding what their plans are for revitalising what is now a Community Care System in this country that is at the point of total collapse, despite the fact that the current Minister for Health and Care has put his name forward as a candidate for this illustrious position ?
We are the only country which pays all its dues to the EU where our money is wasted on expenses and salaries of self-opinionated, socalled members of the EU and their hangers-on.
Theirs is not a party, it is a group of self-centred, self-opinionated individuals who had no right to be in a Labour Party -- I deliberately exclude those other persons who have joined them, as their actions are of a different category.
The main thing the referendum has revealed is the lack of respect decency truth and honour, our selfserving self-opinionated MP's hold of their constituents.
People like Tony Blair, Gina Miller and Vince Cable are turning democracy inside out and England / Britain is fast becoming the graveyard of democracy all in the name of a few self-opinionated people who care for nothing but themselves.
Just as the self-opinionated and screaming TV anchors have no qualms in peddling fiction laced with defamatory statements and even straight abuses, the public figures in India do not think twice in using inelegant, false and libellous language for rivals and critics.
The report also slams his refusal to take responsibility for the failures during the hearings, at which he pointed the finger at senior officials instead, labelling him as 'bullish, self-opinionated and unyielding.' ".' "It was shameful that he refused to accept any personal responsibility for the young lives blighted by what happened at Knowl View while he was leader.
By CITY GIRL"This woman is headstrong, obstinate, and dangerously self-opinionated."These words were once used to described a young Margaret Thatcher, who at the age of 23, was rejected when she applied for a job at the Imperial Chemical Industries.
Only then will the common sense of the majority prevail over the self-opinionated views of the tiny minority.
Yes, this is what the nation's most aggressive, self-opinionated "experts" have come to - heaping abuse on doctors and nurses and the parents of a desperately ill child.