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Noun1.self-organization - organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)
organization, organisation - the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department"
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While there are many other examples of self-organization occurring in our midst, including well-documented experiences with self-managed teams, we will simply note that self-organization is not a new phenomenon.
He preaches an elaborate tautology of quantum metaphysics centering on the theme of autopoiesis, or self-organization. Through meditation and other practices, he aims to achieve identity transparency, or consciousness of an impulsive collective "I" devoid of external dominance and represented by nudity and uninhibited sexual expression.
Models of self-organization show how complex systems characterized by randomness and chaos seem spontaneously to evolve into unexpected order.
This increased order, or self-organization, does not usually occur when the system is close to equilibrium, but rather when it is quite far from it.
With refreshing partisan support for radical working-class self-organization and self-expression, Rosemont dispels these notions and maintains that the IWW, more than any other movement or political party on the Left, presented capitalism with a profound revolutionary challenge.
Louis-Jensen is an exemplary figure for the investigation of artistic agency as a means for challenging established institutional procedure through self-organization. His anarchist Swap Shop (1969), where exchange was based on a barter economy, teeters on the threshold between art and activism as a social sculpture that prefigures works by artists like Rirkrit Tiravanija and N55.
Later, after she died, I worked on many areas of the garden that needed completion and began to focus more clearly on the idea that one should use nature to interrogate nature's fundamental secrets and her main elements, or events, of self-organization. The atom and Gaia (the earth as a self-sustaining system) were obviously salient units, and after working with scientists on various models of these, I went on to explore the black hole, the DNA molecule, the universal notion of symmetry breaking and the universe as a whole (8).
In addition, the philosopher George Herbert Mead's focus on an emergent self, put into communication with related complexity theory and models of 'participatory self-organization', forms the basis of an investigation into the ontological and epistemological assumptions that plague notions of leadership.
In the paper, 'Coordination of Individual Economic Activities as an Evolving Process of Self-Organization,' Witt attempts to develop a theory of the market coordination process by spontaneous internal and external forces, which control divergence.
The Aoyama Technical College in Shibuya, for example, is a bizarre construction whose creator, Makoto Watanabe, has set himself the task of "analyzing the self-organization of Tokyo's urban systems" through a sci-fi montage of poles, lightning rods, water tanks and posts that creep almost organically over the building's surfaces.
The 48 participants in the multidisciplinary, outreach team-treated group showed gains in function, self-organization, and psychological well-being compared with the information-only group.
This workshop, entitled "The Limitations of Self-Organization in Biological Systems," was sponsored by the Center for Advanced Studies in the Space Life Sciences, at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

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