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Having the power to renew or perpetuate oneself or itself for an indefinite length of time.

self′-per·pet′u·a′tion n.


(of machine, emotion, idea, etc) continuing or prevailing without any external agency or intervention


1. capable of indefinite continuation or renewal of itself or oneself.
2. continuing oneself in office, rank, etc., beyond the normal limit.
self′-perpetua′tion, n.


[ˌselfpəˈpetjʊeɪtɪŋ] ADJque se autoperpetúa
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Our business environment at POWERSTAR prides itself to cultivate high levels of ownership and accountability and encourages a self-perpetuating cycle of innovative thinking.
Some countries have piloted initiatives for assemblies on specific issues where members are not nominated by political parties but chosen at random for a limited term to represent all sectors of society, to prevent the formation of self-serving and self-perpetuating political classes disconnected from their electorates.
They will develop a self-perpetuating virtuous circle with positive feedback and a feeling that Shepshed Centre is a place where you want to be.
"This is a Pandora's box of self-perpetuating and self-serving politicians waiting to be opened," she stressed.
These changes lead to a self-perpetuating negative cycle that causes chronic users to progressively increase their intake, furthering sleep disruption, she noted.
Treasury Action: yields extended their break lower triggering a self-perpetuating short-covering spree, mirrored in Treasury futures as well.
This, in itself, creates a self-perpetuating spending cyclone which leaves the rest of the country poorer.
The novel is about the complexity of human relationships, the impact our pasts can have upon us, the power of selfdeception, and the engulfing and self-perpetuating nature of loneliness.
Perhaps they could find a nice word to describe a self-perpetuating, crypto-fascist oligarchy which denies ordinary voters any voice in decision-making.
The Roman Catholic hierarchy --a self-perpetuating oligarchy--will not readily make changes in this area without substantial fearless action from the laity.
For the Islamic World, Senator Mushahid was of the view that narrow-based, self-serving and self-perpetuating Muslim regimes must bridge the gap between the Elite and the Street, by promoting political, economic and civil rights to their own populations.
The French government equates Al-Assad with ISIL and says "they are two sides of the same coin." Paris says these two sides are responsible for the enduring conflict and are self-perpetuating and serve each other's purposes.