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Having the power to renew or perpetuate oneself or itself for an indefinite length of time.

self′-per·pet′u·a′tion n.


(of machine, emotion, idea, etc) continuing or prevailing without any external agency or intervention


1. capable of indefinite continuation or renewal of itself or oneself.
2. continuing oneself in office, rank, etc., beyond the normal limit.
self′-perpetua′tion, n.


[ˌselfpəˈpetjʊeɪtɪŋ] ADJque se autoperpetúa
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This, in itself, creates a self-perpetuating spending cyclone which leaves the rest of the country poorer.
The novel is about the complexity of human relationships, the impact our pasts can have upon us, the power of selfdeception, and the engulfing and self-perpetuating nature of loneliness.
Perhaps they could find a nice word to describe a self-perpetuating, crypto-fascist oligarchy which denies ordinary voters any voice in decision-making.
The Roman Catholic hierarchy --a self-perpetuating oligarchy--will not readily make changes in this area without substantial fearless action from the laity.
Paris says these two sides are responsible for the enduring conflict and are self-perpetuating and serve each other's purposes.
She says their role in providing supplies for those in need could prove self-perpetuating and believes Britain risks becoming like the USA, where food banks are a "big business".
Ultra-calm trading conditions in gold are becoming self-perpetuating as a persistent lack of volatility frustrates investors seeking a return, pushing them further away from a market that analysts say could be becalmed for years.
What the present government is trying to do is break the self-perpetuating cycle of deprivation and despair that for generations has encouraged people to rely on benefits rather than seek work.
assistant professor of nutrition sciences, said that there is very little evidence that drinking water promotes weight loss; it is one of those self-perpetuating myths.
Surely you are self-perpetuating the industry by looking the way you do and entering these things.
Rejecting the NHS and boycotting state schools for their kids undermines bogus claims by a self-perpetuating privileged institution to represent the nation.
That cycle can be self-perpetuating, creating what we call a revolving door effect that does nothing to promote wellness and prevention.