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Having the power to renew or perpetuate oneself or itself for an indefinite length of time.

self′-per·pet′u·a′tion n.


(of machine, emotion, idea, etc) continuing or prevailing without any external agency or intervention


1. capable of indefinite continuation or renewal of itself or oneself.
2. continuing oneself in office, rank, etc., beyond the normal limit.
self′-perpetua′tion, n.


[ˌselfpəˈpetjʊeɪtɪŋ] ADJque se autoperpetúa
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His audacious journey can't be supported by any political oligarch because it is not under their control and it disrupts the well-choreographed path to self-perpetuation by the minority that controls wealth and power.
With his usual bravura, Kperogi made prejudicial statements, engaged in name-calling and concluded with specious speculations and self glorification that projects him the last man standing against 'Buhari's self-perpetuation bid' as 'Nigeria is sleep walking to self-annihilation'.
Bureaucracies naturally seek self-perpetuation, but strategic realities provide persuasive justification.
THE self-perpetuation of the cycle is difficult to break.
Rather, it represents an evolution of the Castro regime an act of self-perpetuation masquerading as change.
First, the corrupt are united for self-perpetuation and second the political elites have failed to produce reform-minded leadership.
'Politically, some defense mechanisms may be for self-perpetuation,' he said.
Pointing to the growing cost of state government, he added: "bureaucracies' main function is self-perpetuation."
For instance, to say that "there is no literature review at the beginning" exhibits one of the most common neurotic symptoms commonly suffered by academic bureaucrats and functionaries: the obsessive-compulsive insistence on repetition, reproduction, self-perpetuation. But to complain that we should be more "helpful" and "provide a literature review" is also, or rather in the first place, a coercive way of controlling what can be said and what cannot be thought.
The entrepreneurial scholars in the networks under study used a variety of means to keep in contact with one another, and networks tended toward self-perpetuation, with important network actors maintaining their roles over time.
At the centre of the crisis is the dominance of finance capital and its tendency towards self-perpetuation as a system virtually parallel to the real economy.
The particular deadliness of disease lies in its self-perpetuation and any corrupt act or practice sets in motion a vicious cycle in which impact of corruption becomes source for further acts of corruption,' he said.