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Pity for oneself, especially exaggerated or self-indulgent pity.

self′-pit′y·ing adj.
self′-pit′y·ing·ly adv.


A. ADJautocompasivo
B. Nautocompasión f
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And self-pityingly, he whines about a "lukewarm" radiator in his cell and missing out on good TV programmes.
Instead, this grieving ghost, a zombie PM - vengeful George Osborne's dead woman walking - cries self-pityingly as she desperately tries to cobble together a coalition of chaos to save herself and a Conservative Party fearful of the voters' verdict.
Only occasionally is she wearily prised from the arms of Morpheus, such as the occasion on which I, suffering self-pityingly from man-flu, heard all of my symptoms accurately described in a World Health Organisation report and awakened her roughly, sobbing: "I'm dying of Lassa Fever
By sickness books I mean books you turn to when you're ill and away from your mummy-daddy, or ill and too old to have your mummy-daddy tuck you up in bed with the lights off and listen to you croak self-pityingly about how everything hurts and spoon sickness food like khichdi down your throat despite your feeble protests that you couldn't eat a thing.
BITCHY Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner is cold, starving and sobbing self-pityingly into his cagoule as the rain pours into his tumbledown shack.
I see camera assistant Casey Ashton brooding about, still moaning self-pityingly about accidentally double-exposing an entire roll of film during the Winnipeg shoot of Dennis Quaid's off-shore production THE HORSEMEN.
Sure, she has artistic talent, but compared with her beautiful, popular older sister and her brilliant younger sister, she self-pityingly describes herself as "a fifteen-year-old, left-handed, redheaded, boyfriendless, misunderstood, middle child reject, broke, standing in the rain after her drawing class because she couldn't take criticism.