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Pity for oneself, especially exaggerated or self-indulgent pity.

self′-pit′y·ing adj.
self′-pit′y·ing·ly adv.


A. ADJautocompasivo
B. Nautocompasión f
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We read, in Offner's account, that LBJ wanted his vice president's "pecker in my pocket." The president demanded absolute loyalty, saying that "if he don't want to be my wife, he oughtn't to marry me." Getting into the homoerotic spirit of this dance, Humphrey self-pityingly compared himself to the high school girl whom the football captain never asks for a date.
And self-pityingly, he whines about a "lukewarm" radiator in his cell and missing out on good TV programmes.
Instead, this grieving ghost, a zombie PM - vengeful George Osborne's dead woman walking - cries self-pityingly as she desperately tries to cobble together a coalition of chaos to save herself and a Conservative Party fearful of the voters' verdict.
Only occasionally is she wearily prised from the arms of Morpheus, such as the occasion on which I, suffering self-pityingly from man-flu, heard all of my symptoms accurately described in a World Health Organisation report and awakened her roughly, sobbing: "I'm dying of Lassa Fever!" COLUMN-WRITING is not the fun you might imagine it to be.
By sickness books I mean books you turn to when you're ill and away from your mummy-daddy, or ill and too old to have your mummy-daddy tuck you up in bed with the lights off and listen to you croak self-pityingly about how everything hurts and spoon sickness food like khichdi down your throat despite your feeble protests that you couldn't eat a thing.
I see camera assistant Casey Ashton brooding about, still moaning self-pityingly about accidentally double-exposing an entire roll of film during the Winnipeg shoot of Dennis Quaid's off-shore production THE HORSEMEN.