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The detection and prevention of dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal acts without use of an external authority.

self′-po·lic′ing adj.
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Perth continued: "There's a hell of a lot of self-policing. Monday morning, it's just not accepted if there's a smell of drink off anybody.
Nestle may very well be genuine when they claim they will start self-policing their supply chain, but it's believe it will not be in the way that we think it should happen.
"It's a case of self-policing and looking after yourself.
It will probably be down to supporters self-policing because the decent fans sit beside the guilty people."
THE North East charity Balance is calling for an end to the alcohol industry "self-policing" the complaints process about its own marketing.
The stock market has seen far more instances of the trust of investors being violated by unscrupulous brokers and needs protections of this sort, the cost of which should be borne by the broker community itself to encourage self-policing. Of course, such protections cannot be extended to losses suffered on the trading floor.
Its time for Congress to enact these urgently-needed reforms to get rid of the failed system of industry self-policing, eliminate the devices that are integral to the soring process, and establish meaningful penalties for perpetrators, said Sara Amundson, President of Humane Society Legislative Fund.
LaFrenere said enforcement of the ban is not anticipated to be a problem, with some level of self-policing expected once the public has been educated of the new policy.
I think this initiative, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is important for the example it sets of self-policing, the role industry members have in reining in rogue players, and the model it now sets for other self-regulatory efforts the dietary supplement industry critically needs.
All I need now is a confidante called Dr Watson to log my adventures as I embrace the new ethos of self-policing.
His figures are also way off, she was supposed to pay back PS45,000 but the self-policing MPs committee reduced it to a fraction of that sum.
"We will be doing that as a club, speaking to the players and saying we have to be self-policing.