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Adj.1.self-pollinating - of or relating to or characteristic of self-pollination
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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BLUE SUEDE is a highbush blueberry that produces a normal-sized home garden plant, has attractive, sky-blue fruit and attractive fall foliage, ripens over time, and is self-pollinating.
However, improved varieties are capable of self-pollinating.
He added: "We would have very little cereals either because while some of the cereal crops would be self-pollinating, the majority of it would need to be pollinated by bees."
Unless you have a self-pollinating variety, you need both male and female plants.
Do this by buying two compatible trees to pollinate each other or buy a self-pollinating tree if you have room for only one.
It would be most convenient to have a self-pollinating miniature fruit tree (and most are), but I'm afraid our little lemon tree needs help with pollination.
Seed Savers Exchange offers free.pdf documents online, such as a crop-specific guide that details cultivars, whether they're pollinated by insects, the wind, or are self-pollinating, and how far you need to isolate them from the same species to ensure pure genetics.
"This would involve purchasing a field, taking some bulbs to the field and planting by hand and then, as tulips are not self-pollinating, we would have to help the process along."
Some varieties of vegetables and flowers may not have been around long enough to be called ''heirlooms,'' but still might be from self-pollinating plants.