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Adj.1.self-produced - originating from the self
autogenic, autogenous - originating within the body
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Recorded in Cuba and Holland, the self-produced and mostly original debut of Alberto "Molote" Munoz Martinez--not to be confused with Maraca's lead trumpeter, Reinaldo Melian, with whom he shares the abovementioned anatomically descriptive, criollo-flavored nickname--shows the impressive slide force of one of Europe's most sought-after Cuban jazz artists.
As they reveal on this self-produced debut album, they've worked up a repertoire of standards and originals that serve as improvisational vehicles for their significant musical talents.
This self-produced second CD release for the Los Angeles-based band Spellbound goes by the title of Funqueros, (a Spanglish word defined by the two leaders of the band, Bobby Moon and Paul Thomas, as "funquero\fun-'ke-ro\ n 1: one of a class of persons displaying the qualities of both a funkster and a salsero."
Oscar Stagnaro, Paquito D'Rivera's talented bassist, was the one who turned me on to the refined music of Peruvian songstress Olga Milla, via her self-produced U.S.
In the first half of 2019, overcoming the adverse factors such as the decrease in the coal sales and increase in unit production cost of self-produced coal, the Group strengthened integrated synergy operation of production, transportation and sales, as well as cash management, conducted the transfer of Subject Assets of the Joint Venture Company, and achieved the overall stable high quality development.
100% self-written and self-produced. The songs were written between 2013-2019 and produced live on Anne's Twitch channel.
This means that the self-produced electricity is supposed to be consumed when energy costs are high.
Her 14th self-produced movie 'Baby Mama' is set to be premiered at the Watch and Dine Cinema in Kumasi on 20th July 2019, at the National Theatre, Accra on the 25th of July, 2019 and at the Eusbett Hotel in Sunyani on the 3rd of August, 2019.
Now he's preparing to be closer to home for the next few months, having joined the Weatherfield cast at ITV Studios, as well as promoting his first self-produced feature film Elephants, on home soil.
He releases his self-produced debut album Reassurance on Nov.
'Mono' follows his first self-entitled solo mixtape 'RM' released in 2015 with 17 self-produced tracks.
Zinta was last seen in her self-produced comeback film, Ishkq in Paris (2013).

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