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Serving or designed to protect oneself.

self′-pro·tec′tion n.
self′-pro·tec′tive·ly adv.
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It is also part of Koreans' built-in self-protective system that has successfully kept the southerners from going mad, living next door to the North, a bellicose country whose primary purpose for the past seven decades has been to conquer the South.
I see these as self-protective strokes but also those soldered strokes mean she is anxious to make a good impression.
All bombs came from a small, scheming, self-protective part of the mind .
This is also to emphasize the urgency of the anti-dengue drive through the 4-S Strategy, which stands for Search and Destroy, Seek early consultation, Self-protective measures, and Say "no" to indiscriminate fogging," Briones said.
People get angry about that, and their self-protective reflex is elicited almost subconsciously.
But Trump, initially shooting from the hip without counsel from his protectors, demonstrated his self-protective armour, taking care not to bite the political hand of right-wing extremists who loyally feed him.
They're made to behave so crazily and irresponsibly that all self-protective people should avoid them like the plague!
discussed a study in the journal Science, which found that a majority of respondents felt cars should minimize the overall amount of casualties, but also indicated they would prefer to buy a self-protective car.
Thus an insulated, self-protective military became its own worst enemy: "Security and collateral damage both proved to be issues that were never appropriately addressed publicly in Iraq and ultimately led to the Iraqi public's acceptance of the insurgency, passively and actively.
The prevention to be adopted include 4S strategy or search and destroy mosquito breeding sites, seek early consultation, self-protective measures, and saying no to indiscriminate fogging.
Orwell knew that every government in history tends to grow larger, more self-protective, more intrusive and more likely to suspend individual liberties.