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Scrutiny of one's own feelings, actions, and motivations.


doubting or questioning oneself or one's abilities


scrutiny of one's own motives or behavior.
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She was not theologically instructed enough to discern very clearly the relation between the sacred documents of the past which she opened without method, and her own obscure, simple life; but the spirit of rectitude, and the sense of responsibility for the effect of her conduct on others, which were strong elements in Nancy's character, had made it a habit with her to scrutinize her past feelings and actions with self-questioning solicitude.
And always, when Nancy reached this point in her meditations--trying, with predetermined sympathy, to see everything as Godfrey saw it-- there came a renewal of self-questioning.
Stephen wilfully abstained from self-questioning, and would not admit to himself that he felt an influence which was to have any determining effect on his conduct.
Ideally, exam results provide an opportunity for self-questioning or introspection.
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Results provide an opportunity, for self-questioning or introspection.
Finally, "Kino" raises far more narrative questions than it answers before sinking almost languidly into a surrealistic pool of self-questioning that also appears to offer an answer only to pull it away at the last moment.
This question repeated by the apologist of the two major ruling parties, the PPP and the PML-N, begs a lot more questions and some honest self-questioning.
In Spain, the intervention by Roman (2000, 2004) for developing strategies for meaningful reading contains five operations: underlying, paraphrasing, structure identification, self-questioning and conceptual maps.
Pecknold is self-questioning and self-indulgent in the navel-gazing way of musicians, as on "Third of May," an homage to Peckhold's long friendship with bandmate Skyler Skjelset: "Was I too slow?
In the next section, we discuss the characteristics of a metacognitive support system for learning computer programming; they are identified as scaffolding, reflective prompts, self-assessment, self-questioning, self-directed strategies and graphical organizer.
The hard to capture but engaging push-and-pull apparent in Wrankle's work indicates a studio practice full of rigorous self-questioning.