Automatically recording its own functions or operations. Used of a machine or instrument.


recording automatically, as an instrument.
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Tenders are invited for 600 khz shallow water self-recording dedicated current meter
Treatment-only designs and student self-recording as strategies for public school teachers.
The iPhone X allows users to create what is being dubbed Animoji Karaoke, in which the phone's classic emoji can lip-sync along to any song through a self-recording process discovered by ( tech journalist Harry McCracken.
(1991) 'Self-recording, instructions and public self graphing', Behavior Modification, 15(1), 95-112.
While many of the participants (58.7%) stated that teacher feedback still plays a role in evaluating their progress, nearly half of the sample employed self-recording for feedback and self-evaluation (49.7%).
Although self-management treatment packages vary, a combination of self-monitoring, self-observation, self-evaluation, self-recording, and self-reinforcement components is typically included.
Ideal for everyday story-tellers, the LEGRIA mini X merges Canon's signature video quality with advanced sound and a highly flexible design, making it ideal for almost any kind of video capture - from on-the-scene reporting, documentaries and self-recording, to capturing live music or theatrical performances.
Self-recording meters were used to follow the performance of each tractor under test.
Snacking frequency, the main secondary variable, was assessed by daily self-recording of episodes by the subjects in a nutrition diary.
The program focuses on making students aware of maladaptive beliefs they may hold regarding the task at hand, and providing explicit instruction in goal setting, strategic planning, and self-recording. Students were also taught strategies to aid with content-learning, such as mnemonics and concept mapping.
With this innovation, wherever you point your arm your lens will follow, perfect for hand held news shots, fast moving action or self-recording while video blogging.