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Referring to oneself or itself: The biographer's account of the poet's life was surprisingly self-referential.

self′-ref′er·ence n.
self′-ref′er·en′tial·ly adv.


(of a book, film, etc) concerned with things such as its own composition or with other similar books or films
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Somewhere between Pantagruei, Candide, and the unmapped future of brain-bending satire is the self-referential verse of Iranian American poet Roger Sedarat in Haji as Puppet.
Performances can further emphasize the self-referential character of the opera with theatrical means, as demonstrated in Paul Hagar's 1968 production at La Scala.
His memoir is self-referential as it details his fears in the midst of sobriety: that he will relapse; that he will let his daughter down; that even the anesthetic that he needs before heart surgery could prove seductive enough to send him hurtling back.
In that apocalypse comedy, Rogen, along with James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Michael Cera (among many more), spoofed the end-times genre with a movie full of drugs, dick jokes, and self-referential humor.
Among the topics are potentiality in natural philosophy, bridging necessity and contingency in quantum mechanics, a logical analysis of relational realism, and process physics: self-referential information and experiential reality.
your day relentlessly, you might say, self-referential.
The first argument is a self-referential one that is not involved with any self-referential inconsistency.
It was so entertaining as a comedy, as a horror film, as a self-referential, and also had great characters.
It seemed so self-referential and was one of those glorious experiences; like watching The Wrestler, a film starring someone you've kinda forgotten just how brilliant an actor they are.
The gags in this follow-up to 21 Jump Street are hit and miss but its sense of glorious self-referential goofiness proves to be infectious.
CANNES, France -- Kristen Stewart made a late cameo at the Cannes Film Festival, where she received warm reviews for a self-referential performance alongside Juliette Binoche.
LISP allows recursion & self-referential definitions, like N