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Self-examination; introspection.

self′-re·flec′tive adj.
self′-re·flec′tive·ly adv.
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In a tweet, she advised them that instead of blaming accountability process, they should do self-reflection on this situation.
The purpose of this study was to examine how 2 forms of self-focused attention, self-reflection and self-rumination, influence career anxiety.
He greeted the employees and their families on the Holy month of Ramadan and noted this is a time for fasting, prayer and self-reflection. He said iftar events provide excellent opportunities to meet and greet one another and foster the bonds of friendship.
He also urged the Lebanese counterparts to maintain solidarity and self-reflection in an attempt to preserve national coexistence.
They address setting a vision for one's career; self-assessment and gathering feedback, including making oneself indispensable, making time for self-reflection, and playing to one's strengths; setting goals; becoming a better learner; gaining new skills, including reading more books, using online courses to advance one's career, and deciding whether to get an MBA; and promotions and moving ahead.
Dorfman's journey of self-reflection brings her to the question: Can she accept herself, flaws and all?
Self-reflection alone is enough to set the course straight for the country.
However, as challenging as that can be, it is relatively straightforward next to the challenge of professional self-reflection.
Based in Consett, County Durham, Building Self-Belief's workshops and programmes for schools include team-building activities and cultural projects as well as discussions, creative writing and self-reflection. It can be contacted on 0191 406 6377.
"Is My School a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It?" is latest installment to his series of best-selling self-reflection guides, in which he offers school leaders 35 thought-provoking questions to ponder from one fundamental overarching query: "Is my school a better school because I lead it?"
Chapter One UK has nine nurseries worldwide all of which are highly successful and are committed to the development of business through evaluation and self-reflection. 'This enables us to provide the best care and high standards of early years of learning,' a statement from Chapter One said.