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1. Smugly or unduly sure of one's own righteousness.
2. Exhibiting smug or unwarranted confidence in one's own righteousness: self-righteous remarks.

self′-right′eous·ly adv.
self′-right′eous·ness n.
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Adv.1.self-righteously - in a sanctimonious manner; "she was sanctimoniously criticizing everybody"
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This way, she avoids the trap of what philosopher Slavoj Zizek aptly termed as 'principled opportunism': Self-righteously taking the high road, while avoiding the tough, dirty and difficult job of helping ordinary people on a daily basis.
While Mr Khan might self-righteously proclaim that Mian Nawaz was corrupt, it should not be forgotten that those who wish to meet him do so because his party obtained 12.9 million votes in the last election.
I still remember finding a box of tacks and self-righteously going about our apartment placing one of the sharp little objects, pointy side up, on each of the chairs in the house.
He also speaks self-righteously about the troublesome issue of petty criminals getting Government contracts but is absolutely silent on the presence of criminals on the UNC political platform and in the Parliament.
Many of us are quick to condemn others, blind to the beam in our own eyes...claiming to be "white" where others are "black", self-righteously accusing the opponent of being corrupt, a cheat, a coddler of murderers, whatever...But think again, isn't everyone in the fray looking out for number one?
Some scripture-spinners cherry-pick obscure instructions of Levite tribal priests self-righteously justifying their exercise of authority and control over tribal people in the ancient Middle East.
This is why everyone in Linked-In is either overjoyed or self-righteously upset at something someone else did i.e.
It's one thing for a review to analyze how the media respond to a Donald Trump and how he deals with and treats the press; it's totally something else to self-righteously batter and bash this president or any other public official with whom it disagrees.
So many subjects to really get self-righteously miserable about.
The Indian interlocutor, a much respected journalist who is no more, smiled self-righteously, and said: 'You are absolutely right.' Could the Jadhav affair change some of that attitude?
Rabbi Rami: I suggest you chastise them, and do so loudly, self-righteously, and unceasingly.
Can we allow our consciences to genuinely attest to our goodness or blameworthiness - or will we just run away from such conclusions, self-righteously believing that we as human beings are bound to make mistakes, or even sin?