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1. Smugly or unduly sure of one's own righteousness.
2. Exhibiting smug or unwarranted confidence in one's own righteousness: self-righteous remarks.

self′-right′eous·ly adv.
self′-right′eous·ness n.
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Adv.1.self-righteously - in a sanctimonious manner; "she was sanctimoniously criticizing everybody"
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So many subjects to really get self-righteously miserable about.
The Indian interlocutor, a much respected journalist who is no more, smiled self-righteously, and said: 'You are absolutely right.
Rabbi Rami: I suggest you chastise them, and do so loudly, self-righteously, and unceasingly.
Can we allow our consciences to genuinely attest to our goodness or blameworthiness - or will we just run away from such conclusions, self-righteously believing that we as human beings are bound to make mistakes, or even sin?
Manipulative, deceitful, self-righteously, calmly vengeful, Keoghan's Martin is a well dislikeable character, one whose humanity emerges from Steven's desperate efforts to pre-empt the punishment the boy's decided the surgeon must choose for his family.
The way to fuel this populism is to feed the elites-versus-common-man narrative, as so many have self-righteously done this week.
On the contrary, any such dogmatic beliefs are absurd in the face of the variety of "rights" self-righteously espoused by different cultures and their adherents.
In fact this may be what he is banking on and the reason he self-righteously declared that "AKEL would not become involved in horse-trading with any party.
It's exactly the sort of worthy feel-good subject that allows Hollywood to self-righteously pat itself on the back.
Emphasizing qualities like compassion, hope, grace and spiritual introspection rather than catering to persecution paranoia or depicting a hero self-righteously correcting the wrongs of others, Jameson and scribe Brian Bird offer up a more inspired--if not exactly artful--alternative in the burgeoning faith genre.
These people are not my supporters," he said self-righteously, shortly before his website underwent a radical revamp, removing sub-sections which called for information on the victim and the CCTV footage of her prior to the attack.
The more self-righteously we promote our religions and the lives we lead as a result.