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He is next to Tolstoy in his willingness to give himself for his kind; if he would rather give himself in fighting than in suffering wrong, I do not know that his self-sacrifice is less in degree.
He was a quiet, modest fellow, unmistakably impressed by the knowledge of the officer and the heroic self-sacrifice of the merchant and saying nothing about himself.
Some of those boys came straight from the cornfields with only a summer's wages in their pockets, hung on through the four years, shabby and underfed, and completed the course by really heroic self-sacrifice.
At a time of such love, such rapture, and such self-sacrifice, what do any of our quarrels and affronts matter?
Because he felt so keenly the beauty of faith, because the desire for self-sacrifice burned in his heart with such a gem-like glow, his strength seemed inadequate to his ambition.
Citing examples from the lives of Usain Bolt, Martina Navratilova, Subramanyam Chandrasekharan, Prakash highlighted lessons of perseverance and self-sacrifice.
In sections on community, ritual, and identity, they consider such topics as self-sacrifice and the other(s): reflections on Andrei Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice, sacrifice in early Christianity: the social dimension of a metaphor, towards a grown-up faith: love as the basis for Harry Potter's self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice and care ethics, and animal sacrifice as a reversed sacrifice: an intertextual reading of Genesis 22 and the animal stories of Shusaku Endo.
The Ennahda Movement does not blame Habib Essid for the failure of the government which, despite everything, has shown dedication and self-sacrifice in the service of the country, he told TAP
The juxtaposition of fairy gentleness with the bellicosity of clenched fists seemed a bizarre refutation of the statue Oblation's open-arms display of self-sacrifice.
The movie, fully made by Kuwaiti youths, immortalizes the late poet Fayeq Abduljalil, one of the Kuwaiti martyrs who set an example of self-sacrifice and patriotism," she said at a press conference.
IDCP is a self-report instrument for assessing pathological personality aspects consisting of 163 items divided in 12 dimensions, namely: Dependency, Aggressiveness, Mood Instability, Eccentricity, Attention Seeking, Mistrust, Grandiosity, Isolation, Avoidance of Criticism, Self-Sacrifice, Conscientiousness, and Impulsiveness.
I admire his attitude on self-sacrifice but I think it is too early to say that he will give way.