effecting satisfaction to oneself.
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The more we will be prosper as individual and as nations when we will live the more fulfilling, self-satisfying and less stressful lives.
With higher speeds comes greater responsibility, something that should be remembered by drivers in all age groups, especially the under-25s who, after passing their driving test, seem content to join the brigade of Average Drivers, who drive around in their own self-satisfying way believing they are good drivers and above the law.
Teamwork is the essential part of any venture, and unless, like King, we recognise that wonderful engineering is not worth a ha'penny until it fulfils a need, we engineers will continue to be viewed as somewhat blinkered beavers living in a self-satisfying and purely technical environment.
His self-satisfying rants on Twitter are legendary but last month he surpassed himself with a vile interview in Playboy.
This self-satisfying offering does not deserve to share the same binding as the finely crafted and truly creative architecture all too infrequently featured in AR January.
The "secular," Coles still pondering recalls, had something to do with the "distinction he wanted to make between Man the thinking materialist and Man the anxiously aspiring creator who bows his head and prays...." Later, especially in conversations with Dorothy Day (he dedicates the book to her and Tillich), again surmising when Day brings him from definitional surfaces to spiritual depth, Coles tells us he came to conclude that, parallel to a scientific and economic materialism, there can be something like a "religious materialism" which describes what happens, all too often, when the search for ultimate meaning stalls at a self-satisfying reassurance that severs the conscience from the call to human solidarity.
We can be here to tell the students how you follow a patient through a program of rehabilitation and how it's self-satisfying," she said.