self′-search′ing adj.
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Each fast moving chapter includes: A Profile introducing the background of the Biblical woman featured, a section labeled "Ponder," a commentary on and scripture lessons from the life of the featured character, and "Press In," made up of thought provoking challenges and self-searching questions designed for personal application.
In the case of adult children, particularly males who are expected to provide care for their parents, they are often aware of the costs associated with parent-involved marriages and can either choose to "self-search" or rely on parental help in searching for spouses, particularly if the time, effort, expenses, and emotional strain of self-searching is deemed too great or too risky.
In other words, no amount of self-searching will solve a problem by relying only on the mind that created the problem in the first place.
As distressing as it can be, it's not uncommon for dancers to go through lulls during the times of self-searching that an artistic career requires.
I see the former as a communications problem on our part and the latter as the way to reinforce our message that info pros offer a higher level of research and analysis than is available through self-searching in open sources.
Work exercise is designed to increase the social inclusion of the unemployed, and his work on the preparation of self-searching and working.
I think it is the philosophy of inclusion, it is self-searching .
Kirn's persona is captivating--funny, pissed off, highly literate, and self-searching.
Jaime Kulaga presents Type "S"uperWoman: Finding the LIFE in Work-Life Balance, A Self-Searching Book for Women, a self-help book written especially for women than emphasizes the values of positive thinking, and maintaining balance among one's own needs, goals, and priorities.
I will also have the chance, I expect, to teach others about my successes and my self-searching epiphanies.
In fact, there is more in-house criticism of this version of the Manual than existed before, but even much of that self-searching seems to reveal the conflictedness of mental health professionals.