self′-search′ing adj.
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I realized that all these years of self-searching, studying, growing on all levels, and digging to find my life purpose and mission became clear!
class="MsoNormalI could therefore say that my twenties were years of self-searching and wanting' to be young.
'Now that the huge rot in his Presidency has been exposed by a firm commissioned by his own administration,' the PDP challenged President Buhari to make good his declaration to jail treasury looters by starting with a self-searching and explanations on the sleazes directly linked to his office, both as President and minister of petroleum resources.
I appreciate people who have a style that resonates with who they are because it takes a lot of self-searching to find your own aesthetic.
After failing to predict a Tory overall majority at the last general election in 2015, the polling companies engaged in a long period of introspection and self-searching. When they emerged from limbo, they decided there was a need to finetune the methods they used when interpreting data.
His in the Beginning His in the Promise His in the Struggle His in the Freedom Each fast moving chapter includes: A Profile introducing the background of the Biblical woman featured, a section labeled "Ponder," a commentary on and scripture lessons from the life of the featured character, and "Press In," made up of thought provoking challenges and self-searching questions designed for personal application.
In the case of adult children, particularly males who are expected to provide care for their parents, they are often aware of the costs associated with parent-involved marriages and can either choose to "self-search" or rely on parental help in searching for spouses, particularly if the time, effort, expenses, and emotional strain of self-searching is deemed too great or too risky.
It was Einstein who noted that, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." In other words, no amount of self-searching will solve a problem by relying only on the mind that created the problem in the first place.
As distressing as it can be, it's not uncommon for dancers to go through lulls during the times of self-searching that an artistic career requires.
"I think it is the philosophy of inclusion, it is self-searching ...