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1. Selection of or by oneself.
2. Selection of merchandise by oneself from a display counter or rack in a store.

self′-se·lect′ed adj.
self′-se·lec′tive adj.
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However, while some of this avoidance stems from a lack of creativity, there are many statistical issues (such as self-selection, nonrandom groups) that make it hard to meet academic standards with these sources.
Once again, the title of the experiment created a self-selection bias such that the volunteers for the erotica study reported more sexual experience, and females in the erotica study were less erotophobic than the female volunteers in the nonsexual experiment.
"In fact we're investing in our stores - last year, we completed a huge merchandising project to update our self-selection cosmetics areas in 2,200 of our stores.
Animated elements, self-selection tools, and product highlights guide visitors right to the account, loan or service they need to achieve their financial goals.
However, researchers also acknowledged that the results may be rooted in self-selection, as they observed a 'considerable correlation between the likelihood of recognizing a given song and its corresponding play count on Spotify.'
The participation level suggests the possibility of self-selection bias toward infected patients, who might be more interested in knowing their serologic status.
Jerrett, a researcher with the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, says the current study was able to "eliminate, or at least greatly minimize, the chance of the self-selection bias influencing the results, so that you're getting something that's starting to approximate what you would get in a randomized, controlled trial."
It is, in a sense, a conscious self-selection to be within the set of those who might be 'lucky' to be chosen.
Bauserman and Edmunds state "Teachers can increase student motivation by allowing self-selection, giving attention to characteristics of books, identifying the personal interests of students, providing access to a variety of books and actively involving others in sharing books with children." With student motivation in mind, I developed a reading incentive program, PREP-Primary Reading Engagement Program, that has proven to be successful with my primary students that experience difficulties in reading.
He said"Beijing supports Nepal's self-selection of social systems and development of roads suited to its national conditions.
He said, "Beijing supports Nepal's self-selection of social systems and development of roads suited to its national conditions.
* Stefano Breschi, Universita Bocconi; and Francesco Lissoni and Ernest Miguelez, Universite de Bordeaux, "Returnee Migrants' Self-selection: Evidence for Indian Inventors in the U.S."