The killing of oneself; suicide.
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self′-slaugh′tered, adj.
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Think of his mother-wife (ill sorted names) Done by a noose herself had twined to death And last, our hapless brethren in one day, Both in a mutual destiny involved, Self-slaughtered, both the slayer and the slain.
Fiona Martin examines the representation of suicide and the supernatural and considers the act of self-slaughter in relation to secular and ecclesiastical authority.
Stephen Kinzer, who has written a popular history of the CIA-led coup of 1953, "All the Shah's Men," said, "This shocking act of self-slaughter was the latest violent tragedy in the long history of a family drenched in blood--first that of the Iranians it tortured and killed, then its own.
What distinguishes Levy's film from other wry satires of the day are the undercurrent of anger perceptible from beginning to end and the personal references, which are all the more striking for being so fleeting: a newspaper headline reading ARABS STILL SAY NO JEWS, a young man lying dead on the floor while a woman in voice-over natters on about the frequency of "self-slaughter" among Cambridge youth.
However, even this character is a paradox, as she is the disobedient daughter who even disobeys God in the end with her self-slaughter.
In Hamlet, of course, the prince tells us: "The Lord hath set his cannon against self-slaughter." A double entendre - cannon meaning both law and weapon.
What lay behind these often heart-wrenching individual narratives of self-slaughter remains unavoidably obscure to us, though Morrissey offers some suggestive readings of suicides' efforts to speak through death.
Not quite dead in the water because of the schism (that's the word!) over gay clergy, the Lambeth lambs plan to complete their self-slaughter by approving of women bishops.
The book is constructed as its hero's seriously belated attempt to see the shape of his life and to understand the reasons for his self-slaughter, but it also becomes, in the end, a kind of love story, one-way and unrequited, between the dead and the still living." TERRENCE RAFFERTY
predecessors in English, self-murder and self-slaughter, carries with it severely negative moral connotations....
Divine law refers to 'suicide' as 'self-slaughter' forbidden by the Sixth Commandment, 'Thou shalt not kill'.