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intr.v. self-sowed (-sōd′), self-sown or self-sowed, self-sow·ing, self-sows
To reproduce or spread by natural dispersion of seed: a plant that self-sows readily.


(Botany) (of plants) growing from seed dispersed by any means other than by the agency of man or animals. Also: self-seeded


sown by itself, or without human or animal agency, as a plant grown from seeds dropped from another plant.
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Adj.1.self-sown - growing from seed dispersed by natural agency such as wind or birds
planted - set in the soil for growth
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Here there are extensive heaths, with a few clumps of old Scotch firs on the distant hill-tops: within the last ten years large spaces have been enclosed, and self-sown firs are now springing up in multitudes, so close together that all cannot live.
It's a good idea to have replacements ready, although some self-sown seedling may grow nearby - even in wall cracks.
I'm hoping for some self-sown perennials but I'm scared to weed in case I pull them out.
Coreopsis spreads very effectively by self-sown seeds and by roots that travel underground and then send up shoots ("suckers") some distance from the mother plant.
Move self-sown plants such as aquilegia, foxgloves and primroses to where you'd like them to grow.
Self-sown plants, of these and other husk tomatoes, are common and can become weedy.
It is now you start to notice self-sown seedlings of perennials.
Third, the dispersal of hundreds or thousands of seeds guarantees that you will be faced with a horrendous weeding task as the self-sown seeds germinate.
GOOD IDEA: Scour cottage borders for self-sown plants that can be potted up and added to your patio displays.
Continue to weed borders, watching out for any self-sown seedlings in the process.
The first group of plants to try as self-sown crops--both because they're the easiest and they'll be ready the same year--are those that tend to bolt in late spring.