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1. Study or examination of oneself.
2. A form of study in which one is to a large extent responsible for one's own instruction.


a. study that one does on one's own, without a teacher
b. (as modifier): a self-study course.


n., pl. -stud•ies.
1. the study of something by oneself without direct supervision or attendance in a class.
2. the study of oneself; self-examination.


A. Nautoaprendizaje m, autoestudio m
B. CPD self-study course Ncurso m de autoaprendizaje or autoestudio
References in classic literature ?
In spite of every advantage of university training, and in the face of her bachelorship of arts, his power of intellect overshadowed hers, and his year or so of self-study and equipment gave him a mastery of the affairs of the world and art and life that she could never hope to possess.
These are complete, self-study courses that you take at your own pace as
org and meeting the academic re quirements, most candidates recognize they need some type of structured review program prior to sitting for the CBT, either in a classroom setting, online or through one of the myriad available self-study products.
In Black Belt Karate: The Intensive Course, Kanazawa draws upon all his years of experience and expertise to create a meticulously detailed and illustrated self-study training course s specifically designed for beginners that, if followed conscientiously and practiced daily, will result in their being able to attain a black-belt level of martial arts proficiency in karate.
The Foundation offers qualifying A&A, ethics and fraud courses throughout the state, as well as self-study and online courses.
As stated earlier, this article reports one segment of an ongoing programmatic self-study within a two-year professional development program designed to prepare teacher leaders.
The latest in the Foundations of the Philosophy of the Arts series, The Philosophy of Art is a text ideal for college classrooms or self-study, designed to offer an overview of the philosophy of art in an accessible style that reflects both classic and modern works.
Ansell recently released a new self-study educational module for healthcare professionals.
Studying Teacher Education' is tag-lined 'a journal of self-study of teacher education practices' and its main purpose is to foster research and dialogue in the study of teaching and teacher education practices, with a focus on encouraging and disseminating that research and dialogue for practical application.
They are well-suited for teacher-aided instruction or self-study, and are especially useful to beginners, intermediate students and those interested in developing improvisational skills.
It uses computer animation and multimedia instruction to address scientific concepts at the middle-school level and can be used: as a self-study tool in the classroom or credit recovery program; to help teachers introduce concepts; for test review; and as a supplement to GED instruction or textbook lessons.