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The act of or capacity for supporting oneself, especially financially, without the help of others.

self′-sup·port′ed, self′-sup·port′ing adj.


the supporting or maintaining of oneself or itself without reliance on outside aid.
self′-support′ed, adj.
self′-support′ing, adj.
self′-support′ingly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
I have frequently found it necessary to reflect, for my own self-support, that I really had not done anything to bring myself into the Newgate Calendar, but only wanted to effect a great saving and a great improvement.'
I was robbed at first setting out, and have walked all the way, and have never slept in a bed since I began the journey.' Here my self-support gave way all at once; and with a movement of my hands, intended to show her my ragged state, and call it to witness that I had suffered something, I broke into a passion of crying, which I suppose had been pent up within me all the week.
He loses, in an extent proportioned to the weakness or force of his original nature, the capability of self-support. If he possesses an unusual share of native energy, or the enervating magic of place do not operate too long upon him, his forfeited powers may be redeemable.
His mind was wanting in the stamina for self-support; it was a plant that would twine beautifully round something stronger than itself, but if repulsed, or torn away, it had no choice but to wither on the ground.
Once self-supported by conscience, once embarked on a career of manifest usefulness, the true Christian never yields.
What I did see was a sort of stick or branch circling, self-supported, in the empty sky.
EnduraSpan(TM), a new fiber based small and lightweight single jacket self-support cable geared towards both short and long span aerial applications, is designed for versatility and ease of use, allowing any service provider or carrier including Telcos, CLECs, municipalities, and public utility operators to efficiently install new fiber-optic network cable in a variety of aerial environments.
The first merit list for students taking admissions on self-support basis will be issued on Oct 8, second on 11 and the third on Oct 15.
Thousands of girls and their parents chose to apply for 50 merit and 200 self-support scheme seats in premedical and 15 open and 15 self support seats in pre-engineering groups.
Under HB 2660, the term dependent refers to "a legitimate, legitimated, illegitimate or legally adopted child chiefly dependent upon and living with the taxpayer if such dependent is not more than 21 years old, unmarried and not gainfully employed or if such dependent, regardless of age, is incapable of self-support because of mental or physical disability."
Interpersonal self-support is an indigenous Chinese interpersonal personality and is defined as a set of five traits that help individuals solve interpersonal problems in daily life and facilitate their social development (Xia, 2010; Xia & Huang, 2008).
In line with previous research, in the current study we examined the relationship between personality and memory bias for self-referent and other-referent information, using a Chinese indigenous personality construct of personal self-support. In contrast to previous researchers, we postulated that other-referent information would be related to personal self-support.