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A cosmetic preparation used to give skin the appearance of having been darkened by the sun. Also called sunless tanner.
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A skin care-infused version of Tarte Cosmetics' best-selling self-tanner with a custom application mitt.
Self-tanner doesn't have to be exclusive to ballroom--and it doesn't have to be orange or streaky, either.
People have started using Coca-Cola as summer 2017 self-tanner, a move skin experts have called "dangerous."
SELFIE NIGHT TAN SUNLESS TANNING LOTION: Selfie Tan'n Go Sunless, a division of Performance Brands Inc., has introduced the self-tanner, Selfie Night Tan.
My friend Celine, a self-tanner addict, once showed up looking like a refugee from a disaster movie.
And there's the fact that he's constantly touting his daughter Ivanka, a glamorous Jewess, who recently gave birth to a baby boy named Theodore, making the Donald, an incredibly dedicated self-tanner, a grandpa again.
So, undeterred, I continued to slap on every self-tanner under the sun (excuse the pun).
Exfoliation does not prevent you from using a self-tanner. "Since self-tanners work by coloring your dead skin cells, exfoliating before using self-tanners gives you a much more even tan," said Dr.
New Products: Segreta Volurnizing Shampoo, Megu-rhythm steam mask, Sofina Primavista Base Makeup, Jer-gens Natural Glow sunless self-tanner, Kerasilk Keratin Treatment, John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss.
"Spot test a small area on your body before widely applying any cosmetic product, including a self-tanner you've never used before." cautions Brattin.
Gill Shaw, Huddersfield-based sales director for the direct-selling cosmetic company Temple Spa, agrees: "We launched our own self-tanner, Sol Mate, a few weeks ago and it's become by far the best selling product we have ever launched.
Origins Faux Glow Radiant Self-Tanner For Face, pounds 15 For those days when you can't rely on the sun to give your face a healthy glow, this product steps up to the mark.