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A cosmetic preparation used to give skin the appearance of having been darkened by the sun. Also called sunless tanner.
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As for side effects for self-tanners using KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen, the website warns that users may suffer from "the Extra Crispy lifestyle and smelling like fried chicken" after using their deliciously interesting new product.
At the same time, self-tanners returned to growth after a decline, perhaps indicative of consumer concern with the sun and opting for a UV-free alternative for a summer glow.
Wary of skin cancer and the leathery skin that accompanies prolonged sun exposure, smart folks know that self-tanners, along with bronzer, are some of the most effective tools in a beauty closet.
So when self-tanners came on the scene, it was good news for someone like me who was literally uncomfortable in their own skin.
Since self-tanners work by coloring your dead skin cells, exfoliating before using self-tanners gives you a much more even tan," said Dr.
After finding traditional self-tanners redundant, Tanee president Jim Adelson felt their had to be a better way.
Though the smell eventually subsides, self-tanners who engage in sports or other physical activities still can be embarrassed by it later because perspiration causes the chemical odor to reemerge from pores.
However, actual sales can firmly put that myth to rest and reveal that the country's most ardent self-tanners are indeed residents who live around Alderley Edge.
If you want to keep your summer glow, use self-tanners along with extra moisturizer as self-tanners can also dry out your skin.
The product line includes the Xen-Tan Hard to Reach ($18) applicator, which helps self-tanners reach certain spots, such as the back.
It has a rather strange smell and has a very runny consistency compared with other self-tanners I've tried.