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Tolerance by the body's immune system to its own cells and tissues.
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The aim of the trial is to test if the combination of oncolytic virus and immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy can activate the immune system to fight cancer and overcome self-tolerance to colon cancer.
Negative regulation of B cell responses and self-tolerance to RNA-related lupus self-antigen Takeshi TSUBATA
30) Thus, SHP-1 plays a crucial role in the prevention of lupus-like disease by maintaining self-tolerance of B cells.
DEL106 is a novel IL-2 mutein Fc fusion protein designed to preferentially upregulate regulatory T cells (Tregs), immune cells that are critical to maintaining natural self-tolerance and immune system homeostasis.
CTLA-4 is thought to be heavily involved with self-tolerance by modulating activity in T regulatory cells.
Therefore, the maintenance of this allograft is in part related to the mechanisms and molecules involved in naturally programmed self-tolerance (8).