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Noun1.self-torment - self-imposed distress
distress, hurt, suffering - psychological suffering; "the death of his wife caused him great distress"
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He disdained to ask questions as to their proceedings, and could only guess at the meaning of their movements, and in so doing indulged in conjectures and suspicions, which produced the most whimsical self-torment.
Remorse then seized him; he threw up his post, and buried himself in self-torment and reproach.
That's a mode of self-torment I never was much addicted to.
Could I guess the unexpected arrival of yon dotard, whom some flashes of frantic valour, and the praises yielded by fools to the stupid self-torments of an ascetic, have raised for the present above his own merits, above common sense, above me, and above the hundreds of our Order, who think and feel as men free from such silly and fantastic prejudices as are the grounds of his opinions and actions?''
Rachel Brand QC, defending, said Casson, who now lives in Torquay, Devon, has suffered "52 years of self-torment and 52 years of self-loathing".
The poet was not only a heavy drinker who believed alcohol provided him with inspiration but also a compulsive womanizer who consumed every relationship with fervent passion followed by agony, feelings of guilt and self-torment transposed in his work: He took on the "whole modern world and came to poetic terms with it.