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also sil·kie  (sĭl′kē)
A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form.

[Dialectal diminutive of seal.]


(Animals) Scot a variant of silkie
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Followers of the ex-militant, named Kile Selky Torughedi but widely known by his militant moniker Young Shall Grow, alleged that he was not properly
Park, Glasgow A IN 1983 Canadian actress Nelligan starred as English professor Susan Selky in the film Without A Trace, in which her six-year-old son disappears while he is going to school.
Like the mermaid and selky, mortals can gain power over water-horses (usually this result is obtained by casting a special bridle over them to compel menial service--see for example "Water-horse of the Dark Lake" [MacDougall Folk and Hero Tales 195]), but they are not sought as mates, although water-horses in human guise often hunt women as victims.
Just as there can be offspring as the result of human and selky coupling, so too water-bulls can mate with domesticated cows: "Even to this day [.
According to John Selky, I/N Tek president, when a full-production level is reached, the plant is expected to turn out 3,000 tons of steel a day.