sell up

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sell up

vb (adverb)
1. (Commerce) (tr) to sell all (the possessions or assets) of (a bankrupt debtor) in order to discharge his debts as far as possible
2. (Commerce) (intr) to sell a business
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Verb1.sell up - get rid of all one's merchandise
commerce, commercialism, mercantilism - transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
chuck out, discard, cast aside, cast away, throw away, toss away, toss out, put away, throw out, cast out, dispose, fling, toss - throw or cast away; "Put away your worries"
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يبيعُ كلَ شَيْئ
nesi var nesi yok satmak

w>sell up

(esp Brit)
vt sepzu Geld machen (inf); (Fin) → zwangsverkaufen; he was sold up by his creditorsdie Gläubiger ließen seinen Besitz zwangsverkaufen
visein Haus/seinen Besitz/seine Firma etc verkaufen or zu Geld machen (inf)
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(sel) past tense, past participle sold (sould) verb
1. to give something in exchange for money. He sold her a car; I've got some books to sell.
2. to have for sale. The farmer sells milk and eggs.
3. to be sold. His book sold well.
4. to cause to be sold. Packaging sells a product.
ˌsell-out noun
1. an event, especially a concert, for which all the tickets are sold. His concert was a sell-out.
2. a betrayal. The gang realized it was a sell-out and tried to escape.
be sold on
to be enthusiastic about. I'm sold on the idea of a holiday in Canada.
be sold out
1. to be no longer available. The second-hand records are all sold out; The concert is sold out.
2. to have no more available to be bought. We are sold out of children's socks.
sell down the river
to betray. The gang was sold down the river by one of its associates.
sell off
to sell quickly and cheaply. They're selling off their old stock.
sell out
1. (sometimes with of) to sell all of something. We sold out our entire stock.
2. to be all sold. The second-hand records sold out within minutes of the sale starting.
sell up
to sell a house, business etc. He has sold up his share of the business.
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