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(Commerce) the act or an instance of selling something, esp an industry owned by the state, or a company's shares


or sell′ing-off′,

1. a sudden and marked decline in stock or bond prices resulting from widespread selling.
2. an act or instance of liquidating assets or subsidiaries.


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Cllr Cashman said that Cllr Morgan's resignation from his role as cabinet member for regeneration and economic development last year was "widely believed" to be linked to the parks sell-off plan.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb.09 (ANI): Following a positive recovery on Thursday, market indices resumed to trading sharply lower amid fresh global sell-off on Friday morning.
NEARLY PS50 billion was wiped off the FTSE 100 as the London market fell prey to a global stock sell-off sparked by fears that rising inflation could force central banks to hike interest rates.
Under Vision 2030, a central part of the transformation is a privatization program that will hand over government-run entities to the private sector via a state sell-off. It has been estimated there is $200 billion worth of state assets that could be privatized, ranging from power generators to schools and hospitals and through to football clubs.
While Portholio holder, Cllr Bob Parry, who is also a prominent farmer on the island, said there are no plans to sell-off any more council run farms in the short o r medium future.
EGX 30, the main benchmark, closed almost flat last week at 13,094.42 points, ticking up 0.8%, with foreign purchases offsetting a sell-off streak carried out by local investors after the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) surprise move raising interest ratesCi by 2%.
It is possible that the sell-off is linked to the Yemen incursion as it was an unplanned expense for Saudi Arabia, unlike its oil price projections and other expenditures including arming Syrian militants.
Instead of staring at its own navel, the Labour party should plan an effective opposition campaign to the sell-off of public assets by the Government, teaming up with the SNP, Welsh National-ists and the Greens.
So that PS757million sell-off will pay down exactly 0.14 per cent of Osborne's debt increase.
All 69 councillors are now likely to be consulted on sell-off plans for their own wards.
Dubai: UAE stocks slid on Monday for the second straight day this week as shares of Union Properties, Emirates NBD, Deyr, Emr and Aldar, among others, tumbled amid a sell-off in emerging markets which have led to shares in the US and European markets also retreating, raising questions about the strength of economic recovery in various markets.