1. The selling of an item in a retail store: The sellthrough of those shirts has been difficult.
2. The amount of a product that has been sold in retail stores in relation to the amount of its wholesale distribution.
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HIGHER: GoPro (GPRO), up 5% after reporting that HERO7 achieved highest week-one retail sellthrough in company history...
Right now, most online/ecommerce smartphone retailers sellthrough places like Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
Leading Fusion has partnered with other brands that are working to adopt its apps and support sellthrough of their product distribution in such retailers as CVS and Walmart.
For business owners selling such products there is a one-year transitional period for the sellthrough of old stock.
With an increasing demand for an alternative source of entertainment for the home audience, filmmakers will look at Digital EST ( electronic sellthrough) and online VOD ( video on demand) transactions to garner revenue.
Comcast recently introduced an app that unlocks additional content for the electronic sellthrough versions of "Divergent," while Apple unveiled iTunes Extras--special editions of movies that offer bonus features, just like the DVDs of yore.
"We seem to be getting some momentum in the sellthrough space, with catalog being a particular bright spot.
Max Girardo, managing director of RM Europe, said: "With an 87% sellthrough rate and numerous lots exceeding their estimates, it's fair to say that the collector car market is still remarkably strong."
As for room air conditioners, sellthrough was uniformly weak across the nation and carryover for the coming year is of record (biblical?) dimensions.
If managers use different models for predicting rental and sellthrough revenue, accurate forecasts can be made as early as two weeks after the theatrical launch and up to six months before the video release.
NPD Group, which tracks retail sellthrough, says that through May, WWF-licensed products had a 55% share of wrestling toy sales, which overall were running 386% ahead of the same period a year earlier.
Sellthrough continues to grow, driven primarily by children's titles: 56 percent of households reported buying a children's video in the last 12 months, while 41 percent reported buying an adult title.