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1. A natural effervescent spring water of high mineral content.

[From German Selterser (Wasser) (water) of Selters, a village of central Germany.]


1. (Minerals) a natural effervescent water with a high content of minerals
2. (Minerals) a similar synthetic water, used as a beverage
Also called: Seltzer water
[C18: changed from German Selterser Wasser water from (Nieder) Selters, district where mineral springs are located, near Wiesbaden, Germany]


(ˈsɛlt sər)

naturally occurring mineral water that is effervescent or has been carbonated.
Also called selt′zer wa`ter.
[1735–45; < German Selterser, after Selters, a village near Wiesbaden; see -er1]
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Noun1.seltzer - naturally effervescent mineral waterseltzer - naturally effervescent mineral water
mineral water - water naturally or artificially impregnated with mineral salts or gasses; often effervescent; often used therapeutically
2.seltzer - effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxideseltzer - effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide
soda pop, soda water, tonic, pop, soda - a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring; "in New England they call sodas tonics"
drinking water - water suitable for drinking

Seltzer (water)

nSelterswasser nt


[ˈsɛltsəʳ] nseltz m inv
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And when he got out of the carriage at Bologova to get some seltzer water, and caught sight of Anna, involuntarily his first word had told her just what he thought.
"Why, darn my eyes," says the old man, with a grin; "darn my eyes if the saffron-coloured son of a seltzer lemonade ain't asking me in to take a drink.
[Hands hock and seltzer to SIR ROBERT CHILTERN.] Hock and seltzer, sir.
It seems such a simple thing to tell them to put a bottle of Seltzer water in your bedroom.
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Boston Beer (SAM) downgraded to Underperform from Hold at Jefferies with analyst Kevin Grundy saying his consumer survey and web scrapes point to the potential for greater competitive intensity in the "rapidly growing" spiked seltzer category.
The 'hard seltzer' brand, billed as a 'spiked' sparkling water at 5% abv, comes in a smorgasbord of fruity flavours.
Earlier this year, Emmett Seltzer, joined the firm as Managing Partner of the firm's northern California operation.
The hard seltzer alcohol market has exploded over the last year and could expand to a $2.5 billion market by 2021 and Constellation Brands, Inc.
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Karl Seltzer, study's lead author said, "Then there is strong epidemiological and toxicological evidence linking ambient ozone exposure to adverse health effects.
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