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 (sē′mē-ŏl′ə-jē, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-)
Variant of semiology.
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(ˌsi miˈɒl ə dʒi, ˌsɛm i-, ˌsi maɪ-)

the study of signs and symbols; semiotics.
[1885–90; < Greek sēmeî(on) sign]
se`mi•o•log′ic (-əˈlɒdʒ ɪk) se`mi•o•log′i•cal, adj.
se`mi•ol′o•gist, n.
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the study or science of signs; semantics. — semeiologist, semiologist, n. — semeiologic, semiologic, semeiological, semiological, adj.
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Semeiology, symptomatology, and pathologic features of rosacea suggest that its pathogenesis is mediated by sensory nerves via antidromically released neuromediators, therefore constituting a model of neurogenic inflammation [3].
The SCL-90 includes extensive content of psychosis semeiology, from aesthema, passion, thinking, consciousness, and behaviors to living habits, interpersonal relations, and diet.
The obtained results after this experiment prove all the assumptions that say that the navigators or any other persons that constantly make physical exercises after a schedule easily endure the semeiology of seasickness, improving their physical abilities.