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The meaning expressed by a morpheme.

[Greek sēma, sign + -eme.]
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1. (Linguistics) the meaning of a morpheme
2. (Linguistics) Also called: semanteme a minimum unit of meaning in terms of which it is sometimes proposed that meaning in general might be analysed
[C20 (coined in 1933 by Leonard Bloomfield (1887–1949), US linguist): from Greek sēma a sign + -eme]
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For expressing the word, structural semantics scientists have proposed a method of semantic componential analysis [37], using sense and sememe to express a word's semantics.
The question of how to show all this horror on stage is brought by Semenic to the level of the narrative, as a direct description of events--in other words, not mimesis, but diegesis: throughout, Sememe believes in the power of words, which are for her more powerful than images.
use the information entropy to balance the weight of each sememe in the area of natural language processing [12].
The customary collocational-method procedure that we are going to follow is this: (1) determine polysemy when present and concentrate on each sememe separately, (2) identify grammar words and content words as the collocators of the particular verb sememe, and (3) provide the content of the collocators that agree with the chosen sememe in order to use it as a source for definitions.
It seems that Prince Wan mistakenly seized upon the 'ideal' in ideology, taking it to be the most important sememe, when its core sememe is actually 'idea'.
L'isotopie de la religion suggeree par le sememe 'Paradis' est en fait amorcee par << Beni >> dans la mesure ou << il y a glissement d'un nom commun (beni) a un nom propre (Beni) >>.20 Par ce processus anthroponymique, le terme revet deux acceptions devoilant la double identite du personnage : maghrebine (diminutif de Ben abdellah) et francaise (anagramme de Bien et l'ancien participe passe du verbe << benir >>).
[7.] Kemei JK, Waataru RK and EN Sememe The role of National Genebank of Kenya in the collecting, characterization and conservation of traditional vegetables.
(20) Remplacons eclatant par un synonyme: 1)'une eglise se dressait brillante comme une cloche.' II n'y a pas de seme specifique ou inherent /brillance/ inscrit dans le sememe cloche.
One would of course expect such constructions to possess iconic semantics, plurality or iteration of form being matched by a sememe of plurality or iteration.
Just as the structure of language could be identified by reorganising the components of language at the levels of morpheme, phoneme and sememe, so can the structure of myth be arrived at by reducing whole myths to the sentence level, and determining the relations of the mythemes which are revealed at this level to the overall meaning of a myth.