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or sem·i-au·to·mat·ic  (sĕm′ē-ô′tə-măt′ĭk, sĕm′ī-)
1. Partially automatic.
2. Ejecting a shell and loading the next round of ammunition automatically, but requiring a squeeze of the trigger for each shot. Used of a firearm.
A semiautomatic firearm.
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A. ADJsemiautomático
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Few of these have been put into use, for the reason that a switchboard, like a human body, must be semi-automatic only.
The Prime Minister has already promised legislation to curb semi-automatic weapons.
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual presses are available for a variety of mount sizes and applications.
Rotech offer a complete range of coding equipment including overprinters for integration into other packaging machines, along with stand alone, fully automatic and semi-automatic machines for coding a wide range of products.
New Zealand banned military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles in the first phase of gun law reforms after Australian-born Brenton Tarrant used semi-automatic weapons to massacre Muslim worshippers in the city on New Zealand's South island.
Christchurch -- New Zealanders have started handing over their semi-automatic weapons as part of a buyback scheme following a ban after the Christchurch attacks.
The event was the first of 258 planned until the end of the year, to compensate owners of powerful, but newly banned, semi-automatic weapons following the attacks.
Amman, June 20(Petra)- New Zealand's government on Thursday launched a multimillion-dollar, six-month "buy-back" scheme to compensate owners of powerful but newly banned semi-automatic weapons prohibited in the wake of deadly attacks on two mosques in the Southern city of Christchurch.
The bill would ban "militarystyle" semi-automatic guns and high-capacity magazines.
Christchurch -- New Zealand is banning the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons with immediate effect, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Thursday, rapidly making good on a pledge to tighten the country's gun laws.

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