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Adj.1.semi-erect - of plants that are partly erect
erect, upright, vertical - upright in position or posture; "an erect stature"; "erect flower stalks"; "for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression"; "a column still vertical amid the ruins"; "he sat bolt upright"
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It was approaching through the jungle in a semi-erect position, now and then placing the backs of its closed fists upon the ground--a great anthropoid ape, and, as it advanced, it emitted deep guttural growls and an occasional low barking sound.
He was awkward in the semi-erect position of walking that he assumed, and he really touched his knuckles to the ground in order to balance himself.
He's wearing either tight black cargo pants or shorts -- and his semi-erect manhood is penetrating the zipper of said garment.
Erect growth habit was more dominant and was observed in 90% of the accessions as opposed to the semi-erect growth habit observed among 10% of the accessions.
The rabbit is still alive with ears semi-erect and eyes open, his resignation palpable.
Erect and semi-erect blackberries (as well as black raspberries), need summer and winter pruning to improve yield and fruit size.
The results of macroscopical examination of the plant were showed that it was semi-erect, branched and green, up to 45 cm in height.
The fully electric, multi-layer cloth roof can be lowered to either a semi-erect position or dropped completely, whereupon it sits jauntily on the deck but rather unfortunately obscures the rear vision somewhat.
Head: Length 0.28, width across eyes 0.70, olive green; eyes dark red, length 0.20, width 0.20; vertex width 0.30, bearing scattered, semi-erect, simple golden setae only.