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Adj.1.semi-evergreen - of a plant that is incompletely evergreen; "it was evergreen where the weather was mild but deciduous in the rigorous parts of the range"
evergreen - (of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year
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A beautiful semi-evergreen perennial, it produces masses of strong blue flowers that rise up like candles out of mid-green foliage throughout summer.
This semi-evergreen perennial has striking green foliage and will produce wonderful white bowl-shaped flowers.
Other shrubs to consider are the Cotoneaster "Cornubia" which is semi-evergreen and will reach 10ft, Euonymus europaeus "Red Cascade" which will deliver spectacular scarlet autumn leaf colour and whose fruit features a rosy red capsule which opens to reveal bright orange seeds.
This semi-evergreen shrub produces fragrant white flowers with yellow anthers from winter to early spring, and it should be grown against a wall so it will flower more freely.
Famed for spectacular foliage and attractive late spring/early summer flowers, vibrancy of leaf colour alone makes this semi-evergreen perennial plant a must have.
Jatropha Curcas is a poisonous, semi-evergreen shrub or small tree, reaching a height of 6m (20ft).
Detection of KFDV in Chamarajanagara District, Tamil Nadu State (Nilgiri), and Kerala State indicates the presence of the virus in many evergreen and semi-evergreen forest areas of India.
If you prefer orange berries, go for the semi-evergreen C.
If you prefer orange berries, go for the semi-evergreen C simonsii, which grows a little taller and produces a new set of leaves in mid-autumn which may last until spring.
The Cotoneasters, as groundcovers or shrubs, are small-leaved, semi-evergreen plants that are conspicuously covered with red berries in the fall.
Agapanthus, commonly known as African Lilies, are reliable herbaceous perennials with glossy dark green strap like foliage, which can be semi-evergreen, and majestic balls of blue or white flowers on top of strong sturdy stems.
Angelwing jasmine (Jasminum laurifolium nitidum) This semi-evergreen vine has glossy green leaves and pinwheel-shaped white flowers.