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Adj.1.semi-evergreen - of a plant that is incompletely evergreen; "it was evergreen where the weather was mild but deciduous in the rigorous parts of the range"
evergreen - (of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year
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Clianthus is another vigorous wall shrub that is semi-evergreen and ideal for growing on a hot sunny wall in mild districts.
Consider letting plants stand in fall, leaving their semi-evergreen leaves for spring cleanup.
It's a semi-evergreen so will retain much of its foliage through winter.
SALVIA OFFICINALIS 'PURPURASCENS' OTHERWISE known as purple sage, this semi-evergreen dwarf shrub has aromatic foliage in an unusual smoky purple.
Some, for example, geranium macrorrhizum, are semi-evergreen so will maintain coverage against weeds all year.
The climate is warm and humid with average annual temperatures of 16-20[degrees]C in cloud forest and 22-26[degrees] in semi-evergreen forest.
Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests: The Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forest types have shown the signs of changes in the species composition and stand structure.
The Cotoneasters, as groundcovers or shrubs, are small-leaved, semi-evergreen plants that are conspicuously covered with red berries in the fall.
Agapanthus, commonly known as African Lilies, are reliable herbaceous perennials with glossy dark green strap like foliage, which can be semi-evergreen, and majestic balls of blue or white flowers on top of strong sturdy stems.
Angelwing jasmine (Jasminum laurifolium nitidum) This semi-evergreen vine has glossy green leaves and pinwheel-shaped white flowers.
Evergreen and semi-evergreen perennial plants Depending on where you are gardening, some perennial plants will never quite go dormant, but they may still need tidying up.