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(sĕm′ē-ĭn′fə-nĭt, sĕm′ī-)
adj. Mathematics
Unbounded in one direction or dimension.
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Scientists discover a 'semi-infinite' supply of rare precious metals on a remote island off the coast of Japan
The research goes as far as to claim the large deposit "has the potential to supply these metals on a semi-infinite basis to the world".
A Japanese study published last week revealed an estimated 16 million tons of rare earths, enough to feed global demand on a "semi-infinite" basis, with deposits to last hundreds of years.
One known nonlinear differential equation defined on a semi-infinite domain is the so-called Blasius equation which appeared in the literature in 1908 [4].
The aim of the present work is first to investigate the elastic field of an inclined TD piercing the free surface of any anisotropic, semi-infinite crystal.
These equations are applied in many areas [1] such as reaction-diffusion problems in small cells [2], theory of elasticity, heat conductions, hydrodynamics, stereology [3], the radiation of heat from semi-infinite solids [4], and other applications.
The effect of tail void grouting pressure on the surrounding soil is simplified as an expansion problem of the cylindrical cavity in semi-infinite elastic solid.
Although Hertz contact model is frequently used to interpret the experimental data obtained by AFM indentation, one of its main assumptions, that is, treating indented cell as semi-infinite space, might be contradicted by the film morphology of cells after being removed from their native environment [6,7].
Therefore, by assuming the prearranged protective coal pillars in the SBBM working face, the backfill body and (m - 1) bed rock as independent springs, and the entity coal in the right part as semi-infinite elastic foundation, the mth rock beam can be treated as a semi-infinite long beam.
The second series was executed at the same temperature ([T.sub.M] = 170[degrees]C) but with [t.sub.C,b] to determine the influence of [t.sub.C] and to test the applicability of the semi-infinite body concept.