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(sĕm′ē-ĭn′fə-nĭt, sĕm′ī-)
adj. Mathematics
Unbounded in one direction or dimension.
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It is also known that the mobile type of ILMs can be excited both in a spatially infinite system [6] and a semi-infinite system driven at one end sinusoidally at a frequency in a linear stopping band above the passing band [7-11].
Then by selecting a finite number of them, the problem can be transformed into a semi-infinite linear programming.
Figure 1 shows the two-dimensional Lamb mode, propagating towards the edge of a semi-infinite plate along the x direction.
Kim and Fedorov [8] considered the case of mixed convection flow of a micropolar fluid past a semi-infinite moving vertical porous plate with varying suction velocity normal to the plate in the presence of radiation.
In those models, the ground is regarded as a homogeneous semi-infinite medium; the ground surface is treated as an isothermal surface by introducing a fictitious finite line source.
The theory allows for the expression of the reflector operator of a semi-infinite periodic screen sequence, which then allows for the phenomenological characterization of the electromagnetic properties of an infinite periodic screen sequence, as well as its semi-infinite or finite-layered parts.
The flow of incompressible viscous liquid is studied between two semi-infinite parallel plates with partially filled space with porous medium.
The finite line source (FLS) model of the BHE in a semi-infinite medium (Carslaw and Jaeger 1959) does account for vertical heat transfer with both the soil surface and deep earth.
The outdoor exposure geometry is modeled with a point receptor in air at a height h above a semi-infinite volume of soil (earth floor) containing uniformly distributed gamma emitters.
For this purpose we formulate mathematical model describing heating or cooling of a semi-infinite region.
Muthucumaraswamy and Ganesan [6] studied the effects of first order homogeneous chemical reaction on the flow past an impulsively started semi-infinite vertical plate with uniform heat flux and mass diffusion.
Among steps in the process are the static hedging of barrier options, reformulation as a semi-infinite problem, and avoiding model errors.