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(sĕm′ē-ĭn′fə-nĭt, sĕm′ī-)
adj. Mathematics
Unbounded in one direction or dimension.
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C] and to test the applicability of the semi-infinite body concept.
The studies of the natural convection under the influence of a magnetic field adjacent to a semi-infinite plate were investigated extensively [9-18].
This model consists in a rectangular block pressed against a semi-infinite solid.
2009) solves the solidification process in a semi-infinite domain, considering a Stefan model, while the numerical solution solves the solidification process in a finite domain, considering the effective heat capacity approach.
Contact problem of bandpass orthotropic plate Kirchhoff model with a thin semi-infinite rigid reinforcement were studied and solved in [9] by present method, as well as with reinforcement in the form of elastic rib [10].
The current work is concerned with the propagation of Love-type waves in initially stressed porous layer overlying semi-infinite orthotropic medium with irregular interface.
It is also known that the mobile type of ILMs can be excited both in a spatially infinite system [6] and a semi-infinite system driven at one end sinusoidally at a frequency in a linear stopping band above the passing band [7-11].
On semi-infinite spectral elements for Poisson's problems with reentrant boundary singularities" J.
Among his topics are the higher genus algebras, explicit expressions for a system of generators, semi-infinite wedge forms and fermionic Fock space representations, degenerations and deformations, and Lax operator algebras.
In an effort to face this challenge, the Differential Absolute Contrast (DAC) method was proposed as a solution to the problem of a priori selection of a sound area; it is based on the 1D model of adiabatic heat transfer over the surface of a solid semi-infinite material without internal flaws, heated by a thermal pulse.
The issues to be addressed by experiment are the time regimes in which radial diffusion predominates over semi-infinite linear diffusion and how long does it take for the system to reach steady state.
Then by selecting a finite number of them, the problem can be transformed into a semi-infinite linear programming.