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Adj.1.semi-processed - having been subjected to partial processing
processed - prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process; "processed ores"
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As seen all of Iran's top exports are raw materials or semi-processed oil and mineral products.
Native gold and semi-processed gold were 14 per cent of total non-oil imports, and amounted to Dh98 billion.
1 000 kcal, Containing 50-55% carbohydrates, 30-35% fats and 15% proteins, Or semi-processed foods that allow the employee to prepare a meal on their own with a value equal to the face value of the voucher.
However, trade balance is heavily in favour of South Africa, partly due to poor market access and Kenya's reliance on the export of primary or semi-processed products, while South Africa exports high-value products.
According to Narayanan, the sharp increase in imports was not due to faster capital goods imports but was driven by faster imports of raw materials, particularly semi-processed raw materials.
LEATHER INDUSTRYThe leather industry suffers from two chronic problemsthe quality of leather and export of raw or semi-processed hides and skins.
He then quoted a State Bank of Pakistan study, which concluded that exports of marble to China, and the re-export to Islamabad of Pakistani semi-processed marble was hurting Pakistan's marble industry to a significant extent.
The native gold and semi-processed gold topped the list of imported goods during the first quarter with a value of Dh34.
In response to the problem AXFLOW says it has developed a bespoke feed system that also reduces the wastage of raw materials and semi-processed foods.
Founded in 2008, BioArra produces semi-processed serum from various A approved supplier locations.
If you look at statistics of intra-African trade, more than 40% of it is light manufacturing and semi-processed commodities.
Mining firms would be allowed to have semi-processed or processed metals to enrich not only big-time stockholders.