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Adj.1.semi-wild - partially wild
untamed, wild - in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated; "wild geese"; "edible wild plants"
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The safari park in view would therefore be an enclosed park supporting a combination of natural habitats where the animals would roam freely; and the human induced semi-natural habitats where the wild animals would be kept in their natural or semi-wild state with fencing.
During the study period, the types of behaviour exhibited by the released Milu were similar to semi-wild Milu at that time, but the behavioural rhythms of released Milu were specific.
Trying to find them in mountain range will not be easy so dropping into one of semi-wild rehabilitation centres will be a safer bet.
We all need to blow off steam on occasion, and once you get past basic obedience, indulging that natural desire to run semi-wild provides each of you the opportunity to discover what really makes the other tick.
She added: 'We removed them from a zoo environment, which was not conducive to natural instincts, and put them in a semi-wild environment.
The photosynthetic pigments, gas exchange parameters and photosynthetic product at the initial bloom stage in cultivated soybean were significant higher than in common wild soybean and semi-wild soybean.
The topics include the swamp: waterland of the semi-wild, ecological imperialism on the North-West Australian coast, fishing communities in 18th-century Iceland: an interdisciplinary case study from Vestfirdir, the Arctic Ocean as an outdoor laboratory: how the First International Polar Year expanded the visual perception of the Arctic, and from oceans through islands to mountains: creating the "correspondence principle.
The sensitive development of the site is predominantly landscape led and the proposals will recreate a semi-wild parkland within the confines of the local environment.
What we are in danger of losing are these semi-wild areas of outstanding natural beauty which are home to so much wildlife and native flora.
Europeans and Native Americans alike often raised their swine in semi-wild conditions where hogs were allowed to roam freely and only rounded up when needed.
Based in Ecuador, To'ak co-founders Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer found a grove of Nacional cacao trees growing semi-wild in the valley of Piedra de Plata, deep in the hills of coastal Ecuador.
Broadacre Gardens are peaceful and semi-wild private estate gardens attractively landscaped around a 1906 gentleman's house and lodge.