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Adj.1.semi-wild - partially wild
untamed, wild - in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated; "wild geese"; "edible wild plants"
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He describes himself as an accidental gardener, and his garden as natural, informal and semi-wild.
One of the great features of this property is the apple and crabapple trees scattered individually or grouped in semi-wild orchards across the site.
On the initiative of the Sofia-West Hunting and Fishing Society 250 semi-wild mallard ducks will be placed in Sofia water pools to enrich wild nature in the capital city.
When I brought him over to UP, he was ecstatic when he got out of the car, spotting a group of semi-wild cats that I had inherited from previous chancellors.
Frank was a convivial companion and generous host and we enjoyed many summer parties in the beautiful semi-wild garden with ponds and woodland he and Jenny established around their Carlton home.
Manchester council also says it has just appointed a new maintenance team for the park, which it insists is maintained to an appropriate level for a semi-wild urban green space.
A semi-wild herd of Vaynol cattle, a type of White Park cattle, was originally established at the Vaynol Estate, Bangor, in 1872.
The numbers of which breed of semi-wild horse native to the British Isles have fallen so low they are now rarer than tigers?
Barbary macaques originate from Morocco and Algeria.There is also a semi-wild population living in Gibraltar.
The peaceful, semi-wild private estate was landscaped around a 1906 gentleman's house and lodge.
Consider having a semi-wild lawn with mown paths, to save time and effort.