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 (sĕm′ē-ăn′yo͞o-əl, sĕm′ī-)
Occurring or issued twice a year.

sem′i·an′nu·al·ly adv.
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1. occurring every half-year
2. lasting for half a year
ˌsemiˈannually adv
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(ˌsɛm iˈæn yu əl, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

1. occurring, done, or published every half year or twice a year.
2. lasting for half a year.
sem`i•an′nu•al•ly, adv.
usage: See bi-1.
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Adj.1.semiannual - occurring or payable twice each year
periodic, periodical - happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust"
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According to the company, the semiannual dividend has been raised from the prior USD0.16 per share of its outstanding common stock.
Forklift 250-hr Kit 500-hr Kit 1,000-hr Kit NSN 2990- NSN 2990- NSN 2990- Atlas I 01-586-9819 01-586-9815 Atlas II 01-600-4318 01-600-4317 6K 01-585-9284 01-585-8958 Combat Vehicle NSN (annual except as noted) M1A1 tank 4910-01-117-7943 2540-01-255-3347 semiannual M2/M3-Series Bradley 4910-01-461-2809 C7 Stryker 4330-20-007-4533 4330-20-007-4536 semiannual 3126 Stryker 4330-20-007-0295 4330-20-007-0297 semiannual IF YOU FIND THE KIT YOU GET COMES WITH ALL ITS COMPONENTS, BUT IT DOESN'T INCLUDE ALL THE PARTS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE ANNUAL SERVICE, NO WORRIES.
30 June 2011 -- US bank holding company Peoples Financial Corp (NASDAQ:PFBX) said on Wednesday it would hand out a semiannual cash dividend of USD0.09 (EUR0.062).
She said the survey that was mailed to exhibitors and retailers was not spurred by the July debut of the Las Vegas Market, which holds its second semiannual event in January.
It places significant pressure on the environmental staff responsible for daily record keeping and preparation of the quarterly and semiannual reports.
Eugene-based Pacific Continental Bank on Friday declared a quarterly cash dividend of 8 cents a share, and the bank said it is switching its dividend payment schedule from semiannual to quarterly.
announced on May 31 that, although the company had the funds to make the payment, its bank lenders had exercised their contractual right to block Sun from making a semiannual interest payment on the company's 9-3/8 percent subordinated notes.
A TIPS will provide for semiannual payments of interest and a payment of principal at maturity.