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or sem·i-au·to  (sĕm′ē-ô′tō, sĕm′ī-)Informal
n. pl. sem·i·au·tos
A semiautomatic firearm.
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I caught the semiauto bug not long after and my Colt Gold Cup replaced the 686 as my weekly shooter.
Trigger movement is longer than a cocked revolver or SA semiauto, but considerably less than with a DA revolver.
New this year from Turkish airgun manufacturer Hatsan are two magazine-fed semiauto air rifles: the BullMaster and the Barrage.
The single-action semiauto was developed by Charles Petter, engineer at the Societe Alsacienne de Constructions Mecaniques factory located in Alsace.
Weatherby also recently added new turkey guns to their line up with the Weatherby SA-459 Turkey semiauto and the PA08 Turkey pump action.
Personally, I still prefer a well-tuned revolver for hunting, but for semiauto aficionados, a Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum-or its .50 AE sibling-is an appropriate, capable choice.
Which is easier to fit with custom grips, a revolver or a semiauto pistol?
If you are handloading for your old semiauto, the last semiauto consideration is cartridge overall length (COL).
Blowback .22 semiauto target pistols are superbly accurate.
But this flat-shooting rimfire also pushed the limits of semiauto rifles, and safety and reliability were major concerns.