(sĕm′ē-ô-tŏn′ə-məs, sĕm′ī-)
1. Partially self-governing.
2. Having the powers of self-government within a larger organization or structure.

sem′i·au·ton′o·mous·ly adv.
sem′i·au·ton′o·my n.


(ˌsɛm i ɔˈtɒn ə məs, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

partially self-governing, esp. with reference to internal affairs.
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The demonstrations began in response to a proposed extradition law and have expanded to include other grievances and demands for more democracy and the resignation of the semiautonomous Chinese territory's leader.
5, when New Delhi revoked Muslim-majority Kashmir's decades-old semiautonomous status, touching off anger in Indian-controlled Kashmir and in Pakistan.
Mette Frederiksen reiterated that the semiautonomous Danish territory in the Arctic is not for sale.
CLOTHES CALL Versace has "done a Dolce & Gabbana" and upset the whole of China (its biggest customer) after it identified the semiautonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau as countries on one of its Tees.
Grace 1 was seized off the shore of Gibraltar, a semiautonomous British territory, by British Royal Marines last month.
The US president has previously said little about the protests in the semiautonomous Chinese city, except to make it clear he believes that Hong Kong and China need to "deal with that themselves".
Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the semiautonomous territory's leader, Carrie Lam, said demonstrations could push Hong Kong "down a path of no return" andclaimed that protestershad created"a state of panic and chaos."
As more than two months of mass protests have taken over the semiautonomous Chinese city, companies from luxury fashion brands to bubble tea shops have been under pressure to distance themselves from protesters and declare their support for the ruling Communist Party's position on Hong Kong.
Malacanang will not bar Filipinos from working in Hong Kong despite massive protests in the semiautonomous city over democratic reforms.
m.) After more than five hours of being held at the airport in Hong Kong, former top diplomat Albert Del Rosario has been denied entry to the semiautonomous Chinese territory.
Opponents say that China's legal system would not guarantee the same rights to defendants as in semiautonomous Hong Kong.
The meeting demanded that all the provincial newspapers should be given due share in advertisement campaigns and special editions of Federal Ministries, Departments, autonomous and semiautonomous bodies of Federal Government in accordance with NFC Award.