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 (sĕm′ē-sĕn-tĕn′ē-əl, sĕm′ī-)
Marking the 50th anniversary of an event.
A 50th anniversary or its celebration.
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1. (prenominal) of or relating to the 50th anniversary of some event
2. occurring once every 50 years
a 50th anniversary
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(ˌsɛm i sɛnˈtɛn i əl, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

1. of or pertaining to a fiftieth anniversary.
2. a fiftieth anniversary.
3. a celebration of this.
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Noun1.semicentennial - the 50th anniversary (or the celebration of it)
anniversary, day of remembrance - the date on which an event occurred in some previous year (or the celebration of it)
Adj.1.semicentennial - of or relating to or marking the 50th anniversary
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The semicentennial celebrations of the Moon landing is an occasion to remember those who occupy the foothills of the credits.
United States at the Celebration of the Semicentennial of the Founding
A highlight of the semicentennial conference was recognition of former ISM Chairs, who were especially invited to attend this year's meeting because of their significant contribution to ISM's rich history.
In her epilogue, Hayes Alvarez fast-forwards The Valiant Woman to the semicentennial of the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1904.
This past May 20 marked the semicentennial of the start of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in China, and this past Aug.
In his study of the formation of Civil War memory in the fifty years leading up to the Semicentennial Commemoration of 1910-1915, David Blight identifies three "overall visions of Civil War memory"--reconciliationist, white supremacist, and emancipationist--noting that the first two often "locked arms" (2001, 2).
Fellows from all around the world from every decade since 1965 represented the Trust at the reception and to mark its semicentennial. Many events are being held throughout the year to celebrate Sir Winston's life and legacy.
(6) These include the uniqueness of Howard as the only institution for blacks with the status of being a university, which conceivably was an empowering experience for its black students; the university's grand plans to commemorate the semicentennial of its founding in 1867; administration and faculty involvement in plans for supporting the nation's participation in World War I (e.g., Dyson de scribes the ironic reaction of faculty and students to Howard's campus becoming a temporary army camp to support a war waged to make the world safe for democracy); and the university's most powerful member of the Board of Trustees, Booker T.
(11) In 1921, when the Palladian Literary Society celebrated its semicentennial, it was the oldest continuous student organization at the University of Nebraska.
The bigger reason for the absence of stories about 1960, however, is one that no one wants to talk about: the real JFK semicentennial will take place on November 22, 2013.