semicircular arch

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Noun1.semicircular arch - a round arch drawn from a single centersemicircular arch - a round arch drawn from a single center
round arch - an arch formed in a continuous curve; characteristic of Roman architecture
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There was a light immediately above the semicircular arch of this opening.
The stone, which stands in the Jewish Philanthropy Cemetery in Bucharest, is tall, with an unconventional top, a "semicircular arch and simplified angled acroteria." Beneath that semicircular arch, two carven hands meet in a warm handshake.
The spine should be rolled up so that it resembles a semicircular arch or wheel.
The section of the vice inclined shaft passage is a vertical-wall semicircular arch with a net width of 4400 mm, a net height of 3800 mm, and a net section area of 14.6 [m.sup.2].
Rene Javellana, SJ, described the chapel's dome and the three gates which used a Roman arch with a semicircular arch above as Romanesque or Baroque.