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Noun1.Semidetached house - a house with two units sharing a common wallsemidetached house - a house with two units sharing a common wall
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
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Currently set up as two flats providing an income circa PS18,000, this versatile and spacious semidetached house in Birmingham Road, Walsall, would ideally suit a property investor or a family looking for a home close to local amenities.
Officers were called to the semidetached house in Gregg House Road in Shiregreen at around 7.30am on Friday.
"Lilla Integralen" is a semidetached house with four apartments on three floors and a roof terrace.
The development will consist of the construction of a 25 sq.m single storey flat roofed extension to the rear and side of the existing two storey semidetached house to provide increased floor area to the existing kitchen/dining room at rear and new Entrance/ Entrance hall, W.C.
Its report pointed to figures from Halifax, which show the average price of a semidetached house in the UK is PS12,588 less, at PS219,255.
RAISING a child to the age of 21 costs more than the average semidetached house, a report has found.
The figure rises to PS35,000 for a terraced house, PS37,000 for a semidetached house, and PS79,000 for a detached property.
LLANDAFF is also home to this four-bedroom semidetached house in St Michael's Road.
The 70-year-old climbed through the window and down onto an extension as flames tore through the semidetached house on Gilliver Road, Shirley.
IN Acklam, Middlesbrough you can rent this three-bedroom semidetached house for PS565 per month.
"When the Super Furry Animals were in the US we went to Motown and it was a semidetached house and the studio was like ours down Cardiff Bay - with two little rooms."
I live in a semidetached house with a fairly large garden so it's unlikely to cause any issues for my neighbours.